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A Reminder to Be Mindful

A Reminder to Be Mindful

As I shared in my post about New Year’s Resolutions, I began a meditation practice this year. I’ve been pretty good at sticking with it. It’s a guided meditation which makes it easier for this newbie who has never been very good at sitting still and not thinking! Meditating off the mat. Today’s meditation was about…

What Students Are Saying

  • Debbie, you have given such value and I am so happy to have found out about you. I believe you have helped me learn more than countless others have tried. Your style of teaching and your generosity deserves more than just a star review! Thank you very much.

    - Debbie Kessler

  • Rob Cubbon

    I really enjoyed this course and it really helped me in my business. Debbie is very good on explaining how to find your niche and working out what your business is all about which is something I’ve struggled with. It’s packed with really great ideas for people who want to sell their expertise online. Thanks!

    - Great professional advice

  • LaDonna Bracy, MBA

    Great information and exercises. Can’t wait to implement them.

    - This course was awesome!

  • Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

    This is an excellent Course if you want to understand and put together the pieces to create your own business.

    - Highly recommended course

  • Rae Bucher

    I love how we were given hand outs to fill out- this made me think about myself as a brand and what I was marketing. The lectures were very detailed with examples and given to me clearly, but listening while looking at my handouts really helped me learn!!

    - Very Detailed and Very Useful Handouts

  • Magnus Haarberg

    Thank you, Debbie, for your outstanding course! You break it down and explain it in an excellent way. I really recommend this class.

    - An excellent course!

  • Kellie Edwards

    Clear pointers backed by years of experience. I was confident that the advice I was getting was backed by solid experience. Glad to have done the course.

    - Backed By Experience

  • Sidney Eve Matrix

    Debbie, thank you for showing us how it’s done. Not only did I learn a lot of practical information about branding, but through your example I learned just as much about designing and delivering a 5-star course. Thank you! Have already signed up for another of your classes.

    - 5-Star Course!

  • Andrew Hupert

    Debbie knows what she is talking about (which is good) and does a fantastic job of breaking it down and explaining it (which is invaluable, and rare). I recommend this class highly.

    - Highly Recommended

  • Gissele Ospina

    The course guides you step by step. Practical, clear to the point, and very informative.

    - Very Helpful

  • Jennifer Dawson

    Wow – Outstanding Information! The content of this course, the information presented in the video and the handouts and worksheets combine to create a powerful tool to propel business forward.

    - Outstanding Information!