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Mental Ping Pong

Mental Ping Pong

Mental Ping Pong: The process of driving yourself crazy, going back and forth on a decision within your own mind. We’ve all done it. Been stuck trying to make a decision, convincing ourselves, at varying times, that opposing choices are each good choices. It’s a frustrating feeling, not knowing what to do. Back and Forth.…


  • If you’ve ever gone to a seminar to learn to start a business that promises millions, bought a success book or program or hired a coach to help you make more money—this book is for you.  It will be the sobering whack on the side of the head that you need to bring your priorities back in line.

    - The Business Insider

  • This book will definitely open your eyes and force you to re-evaluate much of what’s considered “normal” in our society.

    - Christine Kloser, The Transformation Catalyst

  • Debbie speaks from the heart, and her message is inspiring and uplifting.

    - Joe Noonan, Dolphin Whisperer

  • Debbie’s knowledge and passion for helping others absolutely shines through and inspires the audience.

    - Mal Emery, The Millionaire Maker

  • Debbie is a powerhouse of information who rocks the house when she speaks.

    - Harrison Klein: Host, Transformation and Quantum Leaps Weekend

  • What a breath of fresh air you are Debbie.

    - Janet Beckers, Wonderful Web Women

  • Thank you for not holding back what you know and therefore helping newbies like me to feel equipped to make the launch. I am very appreciative.

    - Tracey Priggis

  • Excellent information from someone who knows what they’re talking about :-)

    - Erin Mackley

  • Authentic and real. Thank you.

    - Sara Fabian

  • She is completely on target; does not waste time or words. Results-oriented. Great instructor.

    - Eileen Andrews

  • … her approach is not merely conceptual, it is oh so practical. Anyone who follows her advice cannot help but advance their business.

    - The Practical Leader

  • I believe you have helped me learn more than countless others have tried. Your style of teaching and your generosity deserves more than just a star review! Thank you very much.

    - Debbie Kessler