For as long as I can remember I have defined myself by my business and online brand. After spending more than 30 years in the business of marketing, I now find myself at midlife, not wanting to be pigeonholed as just one thing. I have too many interests and ways I spend my time. Too many to fit under one concise job title.

Embracing My Many Titles

As a marketer who has specialized in branding for nearly 20 years, it took awhile for me to embrace my many titles. But embrace them I have. They represent my varied and vast experience and interests. And I know in my heart I have more to offer than just marketing advice.

I Still Teach Marketing, It’s Just Not All I Do

My brand, The Business Stylist®, lives on in my online marketing academy and private consulting practice. I’m proud of my 10 online courses and the fact they can continue to share my marketing advice and counsel while I spread my wings and embark on new opportunities. And, for those who need a little more help after taking my courses I’m available on a limited basis for consulting projects.

Author and Blogger

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and in fact, majored in Journalism in college. So, it was exciting when I published my first book, Twin Connections, back in 2007. Since then I’ve published three additional books, with the latest—Breaking The Spell— being the one I’m most proud of. Five years later I’m an avid blogger and have two more books in the works. Writing is how I respond to life. My goal is to get people to stop and think, and maybe instigate a little change in the process.

Dog Lover and Pet-Provided Therapy Volunteer

I spend my free time doing volunteer pet therapy work with my two golden retrievers, Hope and Faith. While teaching, consulting, writing, and blogging are my professional pursuits, pet-provided therapy is most definitely my passion.


Debbie LaChusa with her golden retrievers, Hope and Faith