I love to create, write, and share. As much as I choose to be a positive person, when I see a problem I can’t help but speak up. I’m honest, direct, and feel compelled to help others learn from my experience and mistakes.

I Can Market Anything… But I No Longer Choose to

After studying advertising and marketing in college and spending 13 years creating and implementing marketing campaigns for everything from new home communities and cars to newspapers and fitness associations, I decided I was done marketing products and services I wasn’t passionate about. I was also burned out from balancing a demanding career and a growing young family. So in 1998 I decided to start my own marketing consulting business. I also began speaking, writing, and teaching others.

I’ve Started Businesses, Written Books, and Spoken Around the World

Since 1998 I have created and run eight different businesses—three were very successful and the others, well not so much. As my accountant once told me, you’ve paid for and earned a PhD in business! The lessons while sometimes expensive and difficult were all extremely valuable, and helped me move forward in my life and my career.

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and I’ve been writing books since 2007. I’ve traveled across the United States and to Canada and Australia to speak and I’ve developed, marketed, and sold information products, training programs and masterminds.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be featured in magazines, websites, and blogs such as Entrepreneur, Forbes.com, CNBC.com, Inc.com, Home Business Magazine, Yahoo! Finance and the Yahoo! Small Business blog.

I’ve Been Teaching For 13 Years

I started teaching teleclasses in 2004 and in 2013 I began teaching online, sharing my marketing and business knowledge and experience, through online courses. To date more than 11,000 students have enrolled in my courses and I’m thrilled these courses can continue helping others as I move on to the next step in my life and career.

I share all of this not to brag, but to show that my career has been an ever-changing adventure. I believe that’s because I’ve done my best to remain open to where I’m being called, even when it made no sense and required me to completely let go of a profitable business or venture. I believe this is a lesson I’ve had to learn, and it’s a lesson that’s important for others to learn as well. In my experience, staying open and following where your life is leading, is the only key to true success and happiness. That’s not to say there won’t be struggles or failures; even those are part of the life lessons that lead to fulfilling your purpose.

The Journey Continues

I’ve spent the last few years blogging on a variety of topics, from marketing to money, success, happiness, and midlife. These days I find myself in what I like to call “the space between.” I have felt a calling to a greater purpose for a while, although I’m not totally clear what it is yet. So, I continue to follow inspiration, stay open, and enjoy the ride.

Inspiring Contemplation. Instigating Change.

What I do know is whatever I do it will be based in service. I firmly believe if we can all start focusing more on giving, and the contribution we’re making, instead of on what we’re getting out of it, we’ll all be better off. Heaven knows the path our world is currently on is not a recipe for happiness or success. It’s definitely time for positive change and that is why my focus remains on Inspiring Contemplation and Instigating Change.

Debbie with her golden retrievers, Faith and Hope

On a Personal Note

Now that my kids are grown, I spend much of my free time with my golden retrievers, Hope and Faith. In 2014, Hope and I became certified as a pet-provided therapy team with Love on a Leash. In 2015, I joined the national board of directors for Love on a Leash, and in 2016, Faith and I became certified. I now spend time every week volunteering with my dogs, while they share unconditional love and comfort with hospital patients, veterans, seniors, students, and even those struggling with chronic pain and addiction. Through this work I have seen the power, and gift, of being of service. My two golden girls are enriching many people’s lives, including mine!