Breaking The Spell

The Truth About Money, Success, and the Pursuit of Happiness

breaking the spell

If you’re tired of chasing success and never feeling like you’re successful enough. If you’re tired of trying to keep up with others in your industry who look like they have it all. If you’ve achieved everything you thought would make you happy but find yourself asking, Is this all there is? If you thought making more money and having more things would make you feel satisfied but you still feel like it’s not enough. If you feel like climbing the corporate ladder, or creating a bigger and better business, is what’s expected of you, but you’re tired and burned out… it’s time to read Breaking The Spell.


How to Package, Brand, Market & Sell

For Independent Coaches & Consultants

How to Package Brand Market Sell for Independent Coaches & Consultants

Are you a new coach or consultant? Or, maybe you’ve been in business for awhile but you’re struggling to get clients and you’re not sure how to best market your services. In this free ebook, you’ll learn why it’s so important to properly Package, Brand, Market, and Sell your services. The quizzes in the book will help you determine if your business is set up for success, or if it needs a Marketing Makeover. Included in the book is a coupon good for 50% off my Flagship Online Course.

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Is This All There Is?

11 Attitude & Behavior Shifts to Help You Navigate Life’s U-Curve

Is This All There Is?

If you’re somewhere in the middle of life and you’re feeling a little unsettled, rest assured you’re not alone. In this Free Ebook, I share what I’ve learned about something called The U-Curve, a scientific phenomena that explains our dip in happiness in midlife. I also share 11 attitude and behavior shifts that I’ve found make navigating this sometimes challenging time in life, a little bit easier.

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52 Marketing Makeover Tips

Simple Marketing Hacks to Help Coaches and Consultants Spruce Up Their Marketing and Get More Clients

52 Marketing Makeover Tips

In this book, Debbie LaChusa, The Business Stylist®, a marketer and business owner with 30 years of real world experience, shares 52 marketing hacks to help coaches and consultants stand out from the crowd, grow their email list and online following, get better results from their marketing, attract more clients, make more money, and ultimately build an enjoyable, profitable, successful business.

These 52 easy to implement marketing strategies can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing, and the best part? Most of them are free! LaChusa also includes plenty of recommended online resources to make implementing these hacks fast and easy.

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Twin Connections

Stories that Celebrate the Mysterious Bond Between Twins


A Twin Connection is the unique and often mysterious bond that connects twins. If you’re a twin, you’ve undoubtedly experienced it. If you’re a parent, sibling or friend of twins, you’ve witnessed it. Whether it’s the way they finish each other’s sentences, know when their twin is in trouble, feel each other’s pain, or seem to have uncanny parallels in their lives, there is definitely a connection between twins that does not exist between typical siblings.The twin stories in Twin Connections were written by twins, parents of twins, and friends and family members of twins from around the world, and they provide a special glimpse into this mysterious bond shared by twins of all ages.


The Career-at-Home Mom

Secrets for Earning a Six-Figure Income While Having Time For Your Family


The Career-At-Home Mom pursues her career on her terms. She owns her own business, and she is dedicated to growing it and her income. Because she works for herself, she has complete freedom and flexibility. She has time for her family and her career. She has realized that she can have it all, but she doesn’t have to do it all. She earns more than she earned working in a job, has higher personal and career satisfaction, and is able to be home with her children. The career-at-home mom has found a way to have her cake and eat it, too!”


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