Do I Have to Focus on Client Pains in My Marketing?

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 139

Do I have to focus on client pains in my marketing? It seems so negative.

turn problems into opportunities

I hear this question a lot.

However, far too often I find that independent coaches and consultants are talking about the wrong things in their marketing.

They’re too busy talking about what they do. Clients don’t care what you do. They care what it does for them.

And that’s why in your marketing you need to be talking about what’s bugging your clients. You need to talk about the problems they have that you can help them solve.

Some coaches and consultants think if they focus on client pains in their marketing, it will make it sound negative. Quite the contrary. It’s what’s going to help your ideal clients know you understand them, and believe that you can help them.

In this video and podcast I talk about why it’s so important to know your clients’ pains and focus on them in your marketing.

And I address the concern that it may make your marketing seem negative.

Learn my proprietary step-by-step process for identifying your client pains and desires so you know exactly what to talk about in your marketing in my online course, How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant

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