God Made a Dog [Video]

My dogs, Cheyenne & Hope

My dogs, Cheyenne (12 years) and Hope (16 weeks)

Dogs are pure happiness.

My new little puppy, Hope, who we’ve had for just about two months now, is living proof of this. She’s helped me get over losing Maverick, my furry best friend of nearly 13 years. She makes me smile and laugh every day. She’s reminded me how to have fun (which sadly got a little lost in my years-long quest for success). She’s taught me how to slow down and smell the roses (although she chooses to eat them!) And, she’s helped me become more present and find happiness in the simple things in life.

Thank God, God made a dog.

Dog lover or not, I hope this video makes you smile.


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  1. I just loved the video!! We have two cats. Be it cats or dogs – they are our best friends!

    Cheers from

    p.s. Your two dogs look absolutely adorable :-)

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