How Can I Get Comfortable Talking Money & Prices?

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 135

This podcast and video are part of my ongoing Question and Answer series where I’m answering common questions I receive from independent coaches and consultants.

get comfortable talking money - you can do it

It’s not uncommon for new coaches and consultants to get nervous when it’s time to sell their services.

They’re not comfortable talking money and as a result many undersell themselves and charge far less than their services are worth.

So what do you do if you’re uncomfortable talking money?

How do you get comfortable so you can confidently quote prices and sell your services?

So you can be paid what you’re worth?

In this episode I answer this question. In fact, I share several different reasons independent coaches and consultants might be uncomfortable talking money, along with solutions for each situation.

You can learn more about how to comfortably and confidently sell your services here

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