Do Twins Really Know What The Other is Thinking?

Can They Feel Each Other’s Pain…

Can They Sense When Their Twin is in Trouble

Is this rumored twin connection real, or is it just a myth?

Twin Connections


Read the Twin Connections book, and find out!

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Hi, my name is Debbie LaChusa, and I’m a fraternal twin.

My twin sister Valerie and I have had many years to share our wonderful twin connection.

I’ve never been able to explain the bond we share or the parallels in our lives.

I always wanted to know if other twins experienced the same things we did. After all, we had this connection—and we weren’t even that close at times—so I wondered about the bond between other twins, especially those who were identical.

This curiosity led me to begin collecting stories from twins around the world. I wanted to know more about this twin connection that Valerie and I shared, and to see if other twins had the same experiences.

I had heard stories about twins feeling each other’s pain…

…and reading each other’s minds, and I wanted to find out if they were more than just rumors.

As the stories started pouring in, I began to realize they weren’t just rumors. I have been contacted by twins and parents of twins from all around the world. Some shared their amazing stories and unexplainable connections; others shared their sadness and heartache because they’ve lost their twin.

Parents share stories of the amazing connections they have witnessed between their twin children.

And the one commonality among all of the stories was that unique connection that twins share.

While it cannot be explained, it is very real.

These stories have helped me to understand that there is something special about twins.

Whether the connection they share is genetic, the result of spending nine months together in the womb, or due to being raised together as siblings of the same age or same gender, I don’t know.

And, for me, the reason is not important.

It’s less about understanding the twin connection, and more about verifying its existence and celebrating it.

Twin Connections

Available in both paperback and ebook formats

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Teens and adults share their first-hand twin stories

Some get along great…others fight.  Some can’t bear to be apart…others are separated by thousands of miles.  Some share sickness…others play tricks on their friends and family.

No matter what they are about, the stories definitely confirm that the “twin connection” exists. All of these wonderful twin tales have made me laugh, cry and feel proud to be a member of this very special club.  And I am excited to share them with you!

Ever wonder how many twins dress alike…how many twins have a strong connection…or how many twins have NO connection?

Sprinkled throughout this book, you will find the results of a survey I conducted among 100 twins with answers to all of these questions.

They comment on issues such as whether they dress alike, how close they are to their twin, whether they have a strong bond, and what they like and dislike about being twins.

I found the results of the survey enlightening, and I think you’ll agree that these fun twin facts help shed more light on the mysterious twin connection.

Read stories from twins young and old, fraternal and identical, living and dead

I guarantee some of the stories will amaze you. Some will baffle you. Some will make you cry. And others will simply bring a smile to your face.


I’m Certain You’ll Enjoy these True and Incredible Tales of “Twin Connections”

When I learned that Debbie LaChusa—a fraternal twin herself—was collecting stories about the amazing “twin connection,” I felt compelled to read them to see if they really illustrated that wonderful bond.

When I read that one woman felt her sister’s pregnancy contractions and another twin knew the moment his twin had passed away although he was nowhere near him, I was convinced. Whether you’re a twin yourself, or a friend or relative of twins, I’m certain you’ll enjoy these true and incredible tales of “twin connections”!

Susan M. Heim

Wrote the Foreword for Twin Connections
Author of It’s Twins! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence

Whether you are a twin, a parent of twins, a parent expecting twins, or simply a friend or relative of twins, you will enjoy this amazing collection of twin stories. And, it may just help you better understand the twins in your life.

Twin Connections

Available in both paperback and ebook formats

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The twin bond has no boundaries 

This book features stories from twins around the world…from 10 different countries!

The Twin Connections book features stories from twins in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, England, and Mexico.

No matter where they live, twins are connected…that’s for certain!

Stories about infant twins, toddler twins, teenage twins, adult twins

The twin connection is there, no matter how young or how old…in sickness and in health, whether living or dead…the bond seems to transcend all.


Debbie LaChusa’s book is a heart-warming collection of twin experiences…

…that anyone, especially twins, will love reading!  These poignant stories illustrate the mysterious and intuitive bond that twins share.

Terry and Linda Jamison, The Psychic Twins
Authors of Separated at Earth: The Story of The Psychic Twins


Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside Twin Connections

You’ll find photos of twins of all ages, celebrity twins, fun twin facts from the Twin Connections survey of 100 twins… and you’ll even learn what twins love about being twins…and what they DON’T like!

And you’ll get over 100 pages of inspiring and entertaining twin stories about twins of all ages and their unique bond.

Here’s a sampling of the stories you’ll find in Twin Connections

Shared Sickness, Pain…and Pregnancy!
A twin hits his head, and his sister gets an excruciating headache. A woman goes into labor, and her twin sister shares her pain! A twin needs a lifesaving transplant, and guess who’s a perfect match? Health-care crises aren’t solo events when it comes to twins

Still Connected Beyond Death
That special twin bond seems to extend even beyond life on this Earth. Twins often “sense” when their co-twin meets an untimely end, may be visited by a deceased twin, and even feel the presence of a twin who didn’t survive birth. Surviving twins frequently feel as if they’ve been cut in half when their co-twin is gone.

Separation Anxiety
With twins, you can almost see a visible cord between them. When one’s away, it’s as if that cord has been severed, and they’re in serious pain! They can’t sleep alone, they talk on the phone constantly…they can’t wait to be back together again.

Teenage Twins
Getting through adolescence is frequently like riding a roller coaster—filled with many ups and downs—but twin teens often feel fortunate to have a sibling along to share the ride. They may start growing apart and no longer be carbon copies of each other, but they still find that the “twin connection” stays strong throughout the teen years.

Two Heads Are Better Than One
There’s a reason why they call twins “double trouble.” With two minds working together, they can do some serious damage to the house, finish each other’s sentences, and stick up for each other. Even twins with different strengths and weaknesses frequently have a synchronicity that comes in handy!

Twins Run in the Family
The “twin connection” seems to run very strongly in certain families, with twins showing up all over the family tree! There are twins having twins, two sets of twins born to the same parents, cousins having twins, and third-generation twins! So why haven’t scientists discovered that elusive “twins gene” yet?

Twin Predictions
Twins don’t only share psychic vibes with each other; they seem to put off some sort of sign that alerts others to their coming. Many a mom-to-be of twins has been told that she’ll have twins before she has that first sonogram or even knows she’s pregnant! There’s something about twins…people just KNOW!

Being a Twin Is a Blessing
Most twins will tell you they love being a twin! They know each other better than anyone else ever can. And their families feel the same way. Parents know they’re very blessed to have twins. It’s a very special experience for the entire family!

Twin Connections, the Book is Fantastic!

It’s a great read even if you’re not a twin.
 Lots of fabulous stories and fun facts, too!  It will make a great gift for twins and parents of twins!

Rita Howard
Identical Twin
Chickamauga, Georgia

Twin Connections

Available in both paperback and ebook formats

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