Why You Must Commit 100% to Business

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 49

It’s easy to be shy when it comes to starting your own coaching or consulting business. You think, “maybe if I start my business quietly, no one will notice if I don’t succeed.” I get it. I did that when I started my first business. Because I was afraid to fail, and more importantly, fail publicly. But I’ve learned that is NOT the way to start a successful coaching or consulting business. In this episode I talk about why it’s so important to commit 100% to your business… to go all in. And, why starting a business any other way just doesn’t cut it.


About Debbie

Debbie is an author, blogger, online teacher, business owner, and mid-lifer. She's writes on a wide range of topics, from marketing, money and success, to finding meaning at midlife. If it's on her mind, you'll find her writing about it!

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