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Recently, I ran across a list of the 100 Health and Fitness Influencers.

As I perused the list I noticed something. They were all branded.

They all have a platform. They all stand for something. They each have their own hook. Their own spin on health and fitness. Whether you agree with their stand or not, they have one.

And, that’s the point of branding.

It’s not about appealing to everyone. It’s about taking a stand and being a leader in your chosen field.

While some of the people on the list are known, and likely were chosen for the list because they’re celebrities or are on TV, there are many I’ve never heard of. And as far as those celebrities go, how do you think they became celebrities? Not by being boring or generic, but by taking a stand.

In some cases, the media, or perhaps the creator of this list, has created a “brand name” based on what the person is known for. And, even though that brand name may not the individual’s official brand name, it could be.

This list is a great example of the power of picking a platform.

Not just to make it onto a list like this. But to set yourself apart and attract followers and clients. It’s no mistake these folks were named “influencers.” If they were extremely qualified but were just quietly doing a great job, and no one knew who they were, they wouldn’t be coined an influencer. Nor, would they be publicized in a list like this either, which by the way, is free marketing exposure.

Here’s a link to the full list. I encourage you to take a look. Perhaps it will inspire you to finally focus on identifying your brand platform, and developing a unique brand name to represent it, and you, in all of your marketing. And, if you need a little help doing this, I encourage you to check out my 9-step system for branding yourself and your business.


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