20 Happiest Jobs

According to CareerBliss, a job-search website, the top 20 happiest jobs in America are…

(average annual salary in parenthesis)

  1. Research/Teaching Assistant ($33,600)
  2. QA Analyst ($58,000)
  3. Realtor ($53,800)
  4. Loan Officer ($54,200)
  5. Sale Representative ($62,400)
  6. Controller ($64,100)
  7. HR Manager, $64,800
  8. Software Engineer/Developer ($75,800)
  9. Intern ($36,500)
  10. Team Leader ($67,000)
  11. Construction Manager ($72,400)
  12. Facilities Manager ($59,200)
  13. Marketing Consultant ($74,300)
  14. Contractor ($63,200)
  15. Designer ($65,900)
  16. Finance Manager ($64,100)
  17. Network Engineer ($85,500)
  18. Property Manager ($46,800)
  19. IT Consultant ($77,500)
  20. General Manager/Retail ($65,400)

The list was compiled using the CareerBliss online job database of over 450 different job titles and 57,000 reviews over the past year.

Ratings were on a scale of one to five and included eight factors:

  1. work-life balance
  2. relationship with coworkers
  3. work environment
  4. job resources
  5. compensation
  6. growth opportunities
  7. company culture
  8. daily tasks

It’s interesting to note the wide variety of professions, and the fact that while compensation is one of the factors rated, overall happiness does not correlate solely with annual salary.

Clearly happiness in a job is related to a variety of factors including how well the job suits your personality, lifestyle, values, and goals.

My takeaway?

Find a job or a career that “fits” you and you’ll be happy. While money is a necessity, and I believe it’s important to feel valued and be paid what you feel your skills and time are worth, the amount of money alone is not enough to generate happiness.



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