30-Day Gratitude Journey: Day 15

I’m grateful for the dog park near my home and all the local dog lovers my puppy Hope is helping me meet.

dog park

When I got so caught up in chasing success, I spent most of my time attending conferences and building my business. As a result, over a period of years, I lost touch with many of my local friends. Plus, all the success gurus I was following advised to only hang out with people who were more successful, or at least those who had the same success mindset. That didn’t fit most of my local friends, so they slowly disappeared from my life.

After I broke the spell and stepped away from the success industry, I realized most of my friendships were long distance, and to be honest, all but two really weren’t strong friendships—they were merely associations with other success-seeking folks. Combine that with the fact that my kids are now grown and we no longer spend our weekends at sporting events with other parents, and I discovered a huge void in my life.

I set an intention to meet more local folks but didn’t give a whole lot of thought as to how I might do that. Imagine my surprise to discover that my new puppy Hope would be the conduit. I now meet new people every night at the dog park. Will any of them turn out to be true friends? I don’t know. But it’s sure nice to connect with people like me, who love dogs and the outdoors!

It’s also another example of how I’ve learned to let go and trust.

I knew I wanted to meet people. I didn’t worry too much about trying to figure out how. I just trusted that if I get up every day and do what I’m inspired to do (take action) that it would happen (the same thing has happened in my business with the teaching opportunities that have shown up). As sad as I was when my dog Maverick died a few months ago, I have also been blessed in so many ways since then through our new puppy Hope.

Life is truly magical if you allow it to be!

my puppy Hope at dog beach

With my puppy, Hope, at dog beach


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Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. Now she helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

1 comment on “30-Day Gratitude Journey: Day 15

  1. 🙂 And who can resist the unbeatable combination of Debbie and Hope?

    Now that we have such deliberate gratitude mixed in as well, it’s hard to say WHAT will happen! LOL

    Debbie, thank you so much for so openly sharing yourself and your story. SOOO grateful to be friends, whatever the distance at any given time!

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