30-Day Gratitude Journey: Day 25

I’m grateful for my life.

Birds flying at the beach

As I sat on the patio early this morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to the birds and the waterfall in my backyard, I was pondering, What am I grateful for today?

I looked around and saw so many things to be grateful for.

The beautiful flowers and trees. The amazing weather. My dogs. The sound of the birds chirping. The peace and quiet. The fact that I’m able to sit in the backyard and enjoy my coffee without feeling rushed.

And suddenly, it came to me. I knew what I was grateful for.

I’m grateful for my life.

The whole of it. Everything.

Yes, it’s far from perfect. And perhaps even just a few years ago I would have been quite unsettled with my life the way it is today. But I’m so grateful to have come to a place where I’m truly content. At peace. In love with my life exactly the way it is, imperfections and all.

Not too long ago I can remember be warned by all the “success gurus” not to aim for being comfortable.

Success and financial freedom, not comfort, were the goals. Aim for more than you thought possible. Be the best you can be. Seek constant growth… personally, professionally, financially.

I’m thankful for the hard lessons that taught me that constant striving is not the way to true happiness.

Today I have released so much of the mindset that drove me to that place of constantly seeking more. Always feeling like there was someplace else to be, physically, financially, and spiritually. Ironically I’m still growing every day, but in a much healthier way.

I may have less financially than I did back then.

Yet I have so much more of what really matters. My life is simpler. Yet I’m happier. I’m content. And compared to where I’ve been over the past eight years or so, that’s a pretty nice place to be.

I’m actually enjoying the work I’m doing. Rather than just pumping it out as fast as I can so I can become bigger and better. I know I’m helping people. I’m enjoying life and taking better care of myself, my clients, and my personal relationships. In many ways I believe I’m embracing life much more fully than I was before. Back then, when I was always striving for more, I don’t think I ever really embraced where I was. And where we are is our life. Not where we’re going.

Yes, I have still have goals, but they’re not written down.

Instead I have a vision of things I’d like to do and create. And every day I get up and take steps toward that vision, as I feel inspired to.

Yesterday my husband asked me what was on my agenda for the week.

I told him all the projects I have going, and things I am working on: rewriting and revamping my website, creating a new video training course on branding, writing for my blog, interviewing business owners about their brands, hiring a transcriber, a few clients calls… and the list goes on. As to what I’m actually going to do this week, well that remains to be seen, other than the activities that involve other people and are scheduled. Beyond that I will do what I’m inspired to do. And in so doing I know I will move myself forward on all of those projects faster than if I were to sit down and decide what to do. Or do what I feel I should do.

Yes, I work at a slower pace these days.

But things seem to actually happen easier and very often faster. Because I don’t force them. I allow them.

The other day I put on a beaded necklace that I made back in 2006. It features two medallions I received after graduating from Peak Potentials’ Warrior and Wizard Training camps. One features the rune (an ancient symbol) for the word strength. The other features the rune for the word illumination. I don’t wear the necklace very often these days. Attending those camps seems like another lifetime ago. Yet as I put on the necklace I realized I’ve finally found the balance between the two.

Life is not always about bulldozing your way through. Yes, sometimes being strong is the best virtue for the situation, but not always. Sometimes you’re better off stepping out of your own way and allowing. I believe the key to a successful and happy life is learning to balance the two.

Knowing when to be strong and when to let go.

That’s the place I find myself today. And for that I’m extremely grateful.


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Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. She now teaches marketing and helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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