30-Day Gratitude Journey: Day 30

I’m grateful for my wonderful neighborhood and neighbors.

Neighborhood under construction in 1994

Our neighborhood under construction in 1994

We moved into our home nearly 19 years ago, along with all of our neighbors.

There’s something about everyone moving in at the same time that seems to create a more close-knit community. We’ve watched each other’s children grow up. This weekend we’re celebrating the high school graduation of two girls who weren’t even born when we moved in. As I was enjoying a wonderful graduation party last night for one of those girls I realized how lucky we are to have neighbors we also consider friends.

It’s like an extended family.

And, I’ve lived in enough neighborhoods to know that’s not always the case.

This evening we’ll be celebrating another graduation and I know I’ll be enjoying it just a little bit more having taken the time to step back and recognize how grateful I am for this neighborhood and all the friendships we’ve formed. It’s an awareness I’m not sure would be there had I not followed the inspiration 30 days ago to embark on this gratitude journey.

Today’s the last day of my gratitude journey, at least publicly.

As I wrap up this 30-day gratitude journey I know that while I will no longer be posting daily it certainly is not the last day of this journey. I will continue taking time every day to ponder what I’m grateful for. Doing so for the past 30 days has been a wonderful experience, shifting my energy and enhancing my life.

If you’ve been following along and reading my posts but not taking time to reflect on what you’re grateful for, I highly encourage you to start reflecting DAILY. It’s a powerful habit! Some pretty amazing things have happened in my life over the past month. I haven’t been focusing on what I wish were happening (as is so easy to do in today’s world) and yet I continue to find more things to be grateful for every day.

The past 30 days have proven to me that the more you focus on what you’re grateful for, the more things to be grateful for flow into your life. Truly a case of what you focus on expands. And it’s SO easy to do!

I’d love to hear from you.

Are you practicing daily gratitude? How has it affected your life or your attitude? Please post a comment and share!


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2 comments on “30-Day Gratitude Journey: Day 30

  1. Debbie, thank you for following your inspiration and vision, for sharing this beautiful journey and reminding us of the power of gratitude.
    I’m grateful that you and Louie are in my life!
    Love, Diane

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