5 Ways to Cultivate a Marketing Mindset

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I have a marketing mindset.

Even though I’ve been working in the marketing field for 30 years, I only recently realized how differently I view things than the average person. I have what you might call a Marketing Mindset. And that means I naturally consider how I can get more exposure for any venture I get involved with.

Most people have an operational mindset.

I’ve noticed that most people who run organizations, clubs, businesses and non-profits are primarily focused on operations. They’re good at organization and identifying what needs to get done, and getting those things done.

But very often they overlook what seems to me like the most obvious opportunities for exposure. Opportunities that could generate more attendance, sponsorship dollars, members, clients, sales, or just plain old goodwill.

It’s all about where your mind naturally goes.

Since I’ve spent 30 years in business and my role has always been marketing, that’s where my mind naturally goes. But over the past few months as I’ve gotten involved with several clubs and non-profit organizations I find myself seeing many missed opportunities for greater exposure for these organizations.

Quite honestly, they stick out like a sore thumb to me. It’s not that the people running the organizations aren’t smart and hard working, they’re both. They’re minds simply don’t naturally go toward marketing the way mine does. (And I’m sure my mind doesn’t go all the places theirs go!)

For example, a club I’m involved in recently put on an event.

Club members were able to garner quite a few donations to help support the event. The club posted a sign listing all the sponsors at the event. But that was pretty much it. I saw the sign and immediately thought, “Let’s take a picture of this and send it to the sponsors.” The response my suggestion was met with? “That’s a great idea!” It’s not that I’m brilliant. It was a simple idea. Just one that someone without a marketing mindset probably wouldn’t think of. And someone with a marketing mindset can’t help but think of.

A Marketing Mindset doesn’t come naturally for most.

It’s a learned skill unless you happen to be one of those natural born salespeople. And even then, sales is a very different skill than marketing.

When I realized this it dawned on me why so many of my clients have struggled with marketing. Not only did most of them tell me they were uncomfortable selling, I’m pretty sure their minds didn’t naturally think about marketing either.

Their focus—probably 99.9% of it—was on running their business.

Doing what they do. Serving their clients. Creating programs and services. Putting on events. All necessary tasks when you’re running a business. But also tasks that become much more effective when you approach them with a marketing mindset.

5 Ways to Cultivate your Marketing Mindset.

So, what do you do if you’re a business owner and you realize you don’t automatically think about marketing? You work on cultivating your marketing mindset! Here are 5 ways…

  1. Focus not only on what you’re DOING, but on how you can SHARE what you’re doing.
  2. If you write a blog post, share it on social media NOT just on your blog.
  3. If you shoot a video, post it on YouTube and share it on social media.
  4. If you’re having an event or celebrating a major milestone, contact local media. Send out a press release. Don’t know how to write one? Check PRWeb for free tips.
  5. If you create a new product or service, ask yourself first, who would be most interested, and, second, how can you let them know about it?

Having a marketing mindset means approaching everything you do in your business or organization as an opportunity to get exposure and grow your operation.

Use these equations to build your marketing mindset:

  • Creating Something => Share What You Just Created
  • Doing Something => Share What You’re Doing
  • Just Did Something => Share Results of What You Just Did

In each instance all you need to do is identify who it’s appropriate to share with.

And trust me, once you get into the habit of sharing, your mind will naturally start to consider it each and every time you do something in your business.

In business, you do need to toot your own horn.

You can’t expect others to do it for you. As long as what you’re sharing is interesting or of value, you shouldn’t be shy about spreading the word or asking others to. After all, if you don’t share, others can’t benefit and you and your business will continue to the best kept secret.

Having a marketing mindset is really less about what you do and more about how you think. The more you start thinking about how you can share what you’re doing, instead of just doing it, the more natural it will become. And eventually, you’ll be like me and one day wake up and realize it’s just how you think!

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Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. She now teaches marketing and helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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