A 10-year journey concludes

Even though I officially launched my Living Inspired project in 2017, I actually began letting go and trusting in 2007—more than 10 years ago.

In December 2009, I started an experiment.

I decided to commit to following inspiration without concern for money, ego, pride, and all the other things that had driven me for years on my quest for success.

And in 2011, I started my Following Inspiration blog, to chronicle my journey. I recently went back and read the first blog post I wrote, Chasing Success vs. Following Inspiration. I can see now it was inevitable I would end up where I am, blogging and teaching about the inspired path. It just took a few years to get here!

I suppose I needed to test my theory, prove it if you will.

I needed to talk to others who were doing the same thing, to validate it. All in order to feel confident that what I’m sharing and teaching is not just my experience, but that it’s universal.

So you see, even though I advocate Living Inspired, I’m still analytical in some ways. I guess what that shows is anyone can do this. Anyone, regardless of how conditioned they are to live their life or run their business a certain way, can experience this transformation and the magical life that comes with it.

This is not a passing trend. It’s a way of life.

One I hope you’ll see the benefit of living. Thanks for joining me on the inspired path. I know the subject line says A 10-year journey concludes, but in so many ways we’re just getting started. I’ve got lots in store to help us all navigate this path more joyfully. And I’m sure the Universe will have some surprises as well. So stay tuned!

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