A Different Perspective on Success

In this era of gurus and experts, and “7 secrets to this …” and “3 keys to that …” I wonder if we sometimes don’t lose ourselves looking for the answers.  Looking for the quick fix or the magic pill solution.  Trying to find that one last piece of the puzzle so we can finally be successful and claim our prize.

But consider this for a moment … What if there are no “secrets” to success?

What if you only need to remember who you are and step back into your own brilliance?

What would happen if you trusted your instincts, your ideas, and just followed them?  What if you stopped looking to others for the answer?  And you actually believed that YOU already have all the answers you need?

Interesting to think about, isn’t it?

I’ll always seek to learn more, it’s in my nature. Plus, I do believe if we’re not growing we’re slowly dying. However, from this point forward, I plan to own my brilliance and trust in myself more. Everything I learn will go through MY filter, and if it feels good, I’ll consider implementing it. And if it doesn’t, I’ll trust my filter and follow my own internal guidance system.

After all we’re all born with our very own GPS.  And when we trust it, it will take us anywhere where we want to go. The challenge is remembering to use it.

As I look back over the past few years, I can see very clearly that when I have trusted and followed my own GPS, I ended up exactly where I wanted to be. And when I followed someone else’s because I just assumed they knew better, I sometimes ended up WAY off course. And yes of course, hindsight is always 20/20.  However, I can choose to pass everything through the filter of my OWN glasses going forward, and make a conscious choice about which path to take.  And so can you.


About Debbie

Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. Now she helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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  1. Hello Debbie,

    I am in full agreement with your blog. We tend to look for others for our answers and solutions. for example many of us our doctor to give us a pill to fix us, rather than eating right, exercising, etc. We also tend to look to others for the answers when I firmly believe that the answers are within us, if we just take the time to ask the questions and pay attention for the answers.

  2. Debbie, as someone who has been tuning in to teleseminars, wading through webinars, and traipsing through Top Ten lists for several years, I must say: I couldn’t agree with you more!!

    As 2009 came to an end, I had a heart-to-heart with myself and decided – enough! Going forward I’m going to be much more selective with how I spend my time and energy, especially when it comes to how I further my knowledge and develop the business I want – TRULY want – to wake up to every morning. I’ve decided to take my own advice and Chart My Own Course!

    Thanks for a refreshing blog post. I hope it serves as a wake-up call to everyone reading it. Trust yourself. It’s YOUR journey.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, and boy am I glad I followed my instincts today! LOL

    With the massive amount of emails coming in from all the “gurus” whose lists I am on, it’s easy to start focusing on all I don’t know. When I ignore them, focus on what I do know and do well, I am much happier and more productive. When it’s time to learn more, and take the next step, the “teacher” will appear, and I will be ready.

  4. Randy – Your example about doctors and our health is a great one, thanks for contributing it! And for taking the time to add to the conversation.

    Linda – Congratulations on taking YOUR power back. I say you celebrate that this weekend, knowing your GPS will guide you exactly where you need to go. 🙂

    Ellen – Ahhhh … instincts are SO powerful. Amazing what happens when we listen, isn’t it?

    Thanks guys for sharing! Have an amazing weekend! I know I plan to!

  5. Great post Debbie!

    I too as I have eveluated my progress in 2009 have come to the conclusion that I need to be happy with what I actually end up with as a business. I need to do it my way and be true to myself. I always want to learn as you do, but implementing things that just simply don’t fit my work-style or feel wrong will ultimately always lead me in the wrong direction. Thanks as always for authentic and real advice!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I had been thinking about how many emails I receive from mailing lists that suggest they have the answer to success, marketing or success. I realized that they do have the answer for themselves but not necessarily for me. I have found that there are only so much information I can absorb and then the rest makes me second guess myself.
    If I just limit my information to that which resonates with me I will find the right path for myself.
    Your blog is such a breathe of fresh air.

  7. Just what I needed to hear today!! And your post about American Idol helped too, I got sidetracked and didnt get a chance to leave a comment.

    I’m in the process of launching my website these last 2 weeks and I have such a vision for what I want to do and where I want to go, but when I recently sent an email to family and friends asking them for feedback and offering those with home businesses (which a lot on the list had) to sign up with a free membership – I didn’t get much of a response. Some acquaintances signed up, but half that did signed up but have not yet completed the process. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a case of “people do not value what they dont pay for” or what ??

    For those that don’t have home businesses (family, nieces, long-time friends, etc), I guess I was looking for some kind of encouragement for the work I’ve done for the last year on my business and website but I didn’t receive anything from them. Total crickets!!! No “congratulations” , “good luck” or anything.

    It’s been kind of disheartening and wondered if they hated the website and just didn’t want to say. Critiques I can handle (and I actually had to pay feedbackarmy.com to get some, because I’m committed to making this the best that I can), but the silence was kind of hurtful. I wallowed in that yesterday but today I’m moving forward and trying to not get “stuck” in that bad place and trust my instincts, my vision, my dream and soldier on. Big deep breath!

    Just so you know, you’ve been a large part of my “process”. When I first started working on my business I listened to your telecalls with your home based entrepreneurs and was inspired even more to move forward with my dream. That telecall was the very first “link” I put on my website in my free telecalls library because it helped me so much I wanted to offer it to others. For this and more you have helped me and I really appreciate it and sometimes people don’t say what they should so I wanted to let you know how you’ve helped me and that it has been appreciated. Yvonne

  8. Susan and Amy – good for realizing this … as I suspected I am not alone in my thoughts on this subject!

    Yvonne – thank you for sharing and for your support, YOU inspire me! Keep following your dream, trust your instincts, and don’t let others shoot down your dream. After all it’s yours. 🙂

  9. Hi Debbie,

    I had to look over my shoulder when I read your article! Gosh, I’ve definitely read my fair share of secrets to be disappointed that I wasn’t suddenly enlightened. This year will be my year to take control of my GPS and follow my true self. xoxo

  10. There were several years in a row that were the most challenging of my life. The time I spent working through my own issues-self-esteem,health,financial, and several others- has been so worth the effort. It was from going within myself, and discovering my uniqueness and special gifts that I have to offer the world, that has totally transformed my life. I am happy now, because I am my authentic self, and have a design for my life. I will continue down this wonderful path.

    Yvonne shared her disappointment and pain very openly in a reply above. I am just about to start my own business in a couple months time, and I want to let her know that I feel for what she has been going through.

    I’m going to be sharing what I have learned through my own journey, to help others find their uniqueness, and follow their passions to design the life that makes them happy and fulfilled, whatever that may be for them. I will want my clients to do what Debbie shared- take what resonates, and filter out what doesn’t, so that they receive only what they need to hear to grow.

    I think that these people who didn’t respond in the way Yvonne wanted them to have their own issues, whatever they may be. They could range from being jealous, their own insecurities, thoughtlessness, being too busy, or a number of other things. Some may come around eventually.
    I want to encourage her to focus on attracting the people who are a good fit for her business.
    It will be more satisfying to have people who “get” what she offers and appreciate it and her.
    I’m rooting for her to have the success that she desires- whatever that means to her.

    Debbie, everything you shared in your post rings true to me. Following my intuition and my heart is magical. When I don’t, I now feel it powerfully and immediately. We all need to follow that internal GPS that we were born with and learn how to use it more effectively. That makes the journey exciting!

  11. All I can say to this is a GREAT BIG AMEN !!! I was just wondering the same thing. Especially on the 7 BEST this or thats lately. Why so many 7’s. Must be a “New Year” thing.

  12. Hi Debbie,
    Your post really resonates with me. It’s message is also one of my intentions this year…to look inward more when it comes to what I want to create in my business rather than looking outward to what I perceive other’s say my next step is. It’s the same message that comes forth in Kung Fu Panda and the dead sea scrolls…there is no secret…unless that is the belief in ourselves, our intuition and how we put our gifts to use for the world! Thanks! Really enjoyed this. Denise

  13. Debbie,

    You’ve done it again!

    You have touched the hearts and the souls of those of us who are building their businesses and at the same time desire to create a beautiful life. Not a life…chasing after dreams that don’t resonate with our inner knowing. Just like the media has conditioned us to “believe” what defines beauty, success and happiness…the internet can do the same thing. It is up to us to choose where we will find the vein of golden information that rings true to us. Like a great public television network, or programs like Sunday Morning on CBS…the Sundance Channel. We can find wonderful stories of inspiration, and profiles of people, everyday men and women, who follow their heart, their passion, build businesses by their own rules, help and guide others and ignite a true spark within those around them.

    Looks like the people who know you and are posting comments do know where to find content that inspires them…

    Debbie LaChusa!

    You’ve got a gift to help others see their businesses in a new light, a new way, and empowers them to create a life of their dreams.

    Keep these posts comin’! You give all of us a deep truth we’ve needed to hear.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. It’s funny-I just deleted an email from another person who claims to have all the answers for MY success. I think I’ve listened to so many that my filter is clogged. 🙁
    Then I read your blog and you tell me to trust my own instincts. Well, all I can say is thank you.
    We get so inundated with information we get numb to hearing the voice inside telling us which way to go; then we wake up, usually in a place we had no intention of ever going to in our lives. Going back is hard-especially if we’ve burned bridges on the way out.
    You’ve definitely given me something to think about. Thank you again.

  15. Great job Debbie!
    We each need to focus on what we CAN do and do that with our own style. I love to learn too, and as you said, what I read and learn goes through my filter and I keep what resonates with who I am.
    We need to be responsible for ourselves and our actions, and we need to learn to trust our own intuitions as well.
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Thanks Debbie!!!

    I started out with an idea which was fulfilling to me several years ago and when I asked for feedback from family and friends … they all had a ‘better idea’ than I did. But their idea’s where not something I felt good about so, I could not implement them. I found myself floundering and, after a few false starts, ended up with nothing.

    So Yvonne, consider your idea’s as worthy and try not to let lack of response by those closest to you stop, or even slow down, your progress to your dream. Maybe they will get on the bandwagon when you are as big as Debbie LaChusa. And if not, it’s their loss!

    I realize now that Debbie is right, I have to follow my own internal GPS. So here I go:).

  17. Wow, I can’t tell you how many times I bought into the “7 Keys to This” and the “7 Secrets to That” when I was just starting out. It took me a while to realize that some of it worked for me and some of it didn’t. It wasn’t that I didn’t apply the strategies; it was that some of it didn’t apply to me and my business.

    Until I came to this realization, I thought I wasn’t doing it right or wasn’t putting in enough effort. But the things that DID work for me came easily and worked quickly. And with that came a clearer vision of me and my business.

    Thanks so much for another thought-provoking post. Keep ’em coming!

  18. Debbie, this is a great post.

    We all know what we need to do to achieve a bountiful rewarding life. I just saw- “It’s Complicated,” with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and that spoke to me loud and clear.

    I have been so afraid to unleash my greatness and then 2010 came and I said what the heck — I’m ready to bring the noise.

    Thanks for reminding me that I do have the answer.

  19. Debbie, Beth, Charlotte

    You guys have me in tears right now. Thank you so much for hearing me and offering words of encouragement. It is so very appreciated!

    Today has actually had some forward progress in that I sent emails out to several meetup groups that I’m on and have finally received some emails from people I do not know that are saying what I wish my family/friends would have said. They are signing up and are encouraging me to move forward with the Beta launch. Between those and you guys, you have made my day!

    If there is anything I can ever do to help you when you get your business up and running (like a heavily discounted membership, just let me know). I’m still offering 50 free memberships on the site now till they are gone, so feel free to snag one of those and consider that my payment for the therapy and support!!

  20. Debbie~
    What a fabulous post. I could not agree more. As already commented, we do have the answers to what we are looking for, but it requires courage to trust ourselves and follow our own “GPS”.

    We are more magnificent, brilliant, and capable than we give ourselves credit. If we just stop looking outside ourselves for the answers.

    Keep up the awesome work in encouraging others to be, what I say, Courageously Authentic!

  21. Debbie,

    You are right on! I know people that have actually changed their entire business models based on the fact that someone else is doing the same thing but offering products or services and they “appear” to be more successful because they are telling you that if you follow them and their 10 steps you can be like them when in reality we are all just trying to find our own path.

    I am all about Integrity. Find out what Success really means for you. Would it be so wrong if your business only provided enough to pay for Piano lessons for your daughter but you were happy? I say stick to the plan. Don’t get sidetracked and be as Ms. Penna’s said “Courageously Authentic”!

  22. I’ve only done some hit and miss reading of Debbie’s info as I, too, am overwhelmed by all of the information and don’t know where to focus. I can very much relate with Yvonne as our society has always been one in which we need validation from others for our purpose and journey. I found out Friday I am going to lose my job in marketing and I’ve had so much “direction and advice” given to me already on what I need to do (from family and friends). No one ever says, “What do you WANT to do? What is your dream of happiness?” We get so stuck in that rut of producing for others because we’re supposed to. Although I love what I do, I cannot fathom the thought of returning to a corporate environment to continue to have others “judge and evaluate” my creativity when I know my ideas are productive, proven and successful. Perhaps it is finally the time I look at what options are out there that truly would make me happy??

  23. Thanks Debbie. I think this great, unusual and true. As much as we seek and gather knowledge,we also have to realise that we must spend from our own wisdom account and not from other people’s account. In treat every advice and suggestion at best as one of the options. thanks for reaffirming this.

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