A Valentine’s Day Challenge: Return to Love

  • Debbie 

It feels like we live in such an angry world these days.

People have always had the tendency to get ugly on social media. It’s easy to sit back and criticize others from behind a safe computer screen. Much different to do the same in person.

Yet these days it seems both are magnified.

It’s as if people feel they have a license to ridicule and attack others for their actions or beliefs, in person and online. We don’t have to agree with everyone. Nor do we have to like what they say or think. But what ever happened to having a conversation about it? Working to help others see another perspective. Trying to resolve differences.

Today it’s more about ranting than trying to resolve.

And quite honestly it doesn’t appear to be working. If anything, ugliness is breeding more ugliness.

We don’t have to like everything we see, read, or hear.

We’re going to encounter people and situations we disagree with, and even some that make our blood boil. But what if instead of lashing out, or jumping on the negative nelly bandwagon, we stop and take a breath? And ask ourselves what we can do to bring about more peace and love. Instead of propagating more hate and anger.

I’m sad about the air divisiveness I see all around.

The judgement. Heck, even I fall into it sometimes. It’s hard not to. Especially when “everyone’s doing it. But that’s no excuse. As my dad used to say, “if everyone is jumping off a cliff, are you going to follow?”

I’m working on being less judgmental.

And quite honestly, it’s more difficult to do in this environment. However, I’m choosing to look at it as a challenge. If I can rise above, or walk away, or simply not engage when it’s so prevalent, just think how easy it will be when there isn’t so much hatred swirling around.

I’m working on speaking out in more meaningful ways.

For me that means writing and inspiring others to stop and think. To get off autopilot. To stop mindlessly following the masses. To ask ourselves what we can do to facilitate change, not just perpetuate anger.

Love can’t solve everything, but it can help heal this divide.

My plea to you on this Valentine’s Day is to try returning to love. Leave the anger behind, even if only for one day. Set an example to those around you by rising above the ugliness. Show some compassion and love instead. Who knows, maybe if enough of us do that, it might just trickle up.

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