An Inspiring Trip to the Bank

I spent the morning doing research for my new book. It was fruitful and I have a stack of information to read through, along with two books I bought yesterday and another I just ordered on Amazon, along with a list of people I want to interview.

I was sitting here looking at the stack of paper and books on my desk, thinking I should read this now so I can get on to writing. But the stack is a little intimidating and I wasn’t feeling moved to read it right now, even though I was feeling like I should.

But alas, that little voice—call it inspiration or intuition, or whatever you choose—was telling me to go to the bank.

You see, I had some cash from a few CraigList sales that I needed to deposit. Not a lot of cash mind you. Not that it needed to go into my checking account right away. There really was no rush. But that little voice told me “go to the bank…NOW!”

So I listened and hopped in the car to go make the deposit.

In a trip that took about 15 minutes, I received four inspired ideas…all great next steps for my book. Wonderful little ideas that I am excited about. One was sparked by a radio commercial, and the others just came to me as I was driving and standing in line at the bank.

Oh, the miracle of stepping away!

Ideas come from the most unlikely places when we are open and receptive, instead of being busy, and doing and thinking.

Yes, I will be reading that stack of research, but first I will be working on these other ideas. Why? Because they were inspired and I know by now that taking the inspired path is always more fruitful and enjoyable.

The time will come to read the research (who knows, maybe even later today), but for now, I am once again thankful I listened to that little voice. Apparently I needed some time away (just 15 minutes) to get clarity about my next step.

I encourage you to listen, even when that little voice is telling you to do something silly and seemingly un-pressing like going to the bank to deposit $79. You never know what might open up.

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