Apparently I’m A Slasher

I haven’t been shy about sharing I’ve been in a career and life transition for a while now. Feeling pretty clear it’s time to move on from my current business as a marketing coach and consultant, and into something else. The challenge has been, not knowing exactly what I want to do next.

The other challenge has been letting go of my label.

The label I’ve identified with for the past 30 years: the fact I’m a marketer. That label has evolved over the years, from marketer to marketing consultant, to marketing coach, to marketing teacher, and eventually to my brand name, The Business Stylist®. But the common thread has been I help people market.

Last month I updated my About page bio sharing the reason I think it’s been so difficult to let go of this label. I realized I’ve been so steeped in branding that I wasn’t comfortable not having a clearly defined, singularly focused brand identity. My brand has always represented the one thing I and my business stood for. Heck, that’s what I teach my clients. You want to be known for ONE thing!

In my marketing business, branding myself was essential to my success.

I have no doubt about that whatsoever. However, as I move into this new phase of my life, where I’m less focused on selling a service, and more interested in diving into WHO I am and what I want to spend the coming years doing, I’m finding I must relinquish my business branding mentality.

In struggling to define myself and what I do, I’ve found I can’t pick just one thing.

Thus, the reason my title on my website now reads: Author. Blogger. Teacher.

I’m all those things, and quite frankly, more.

So, I was excited to read in The Encore Career Handbook that as a boomer in midlife embarking on a second career, a.k.a. encore career, I’m not alone. In fact there’s a title for those of us embracing this multifaceted life and career…


As in Author/(slash)Blogger/(slash)Teacher.

Marci Alboher, journalist/author/speaker coined the phrase “slasher” in her book One Person/Multiple Careers: The Original Guide to the Slash “/” Career. The book popularized the term “slasher” referring to people who can’t answer “What do you do?” with a single word or phrase.

What do you know? That’s me!

I’ve been struggling for the past year or so to answer that question. Yes, I still run my online marketing academy, but I’m also blogging about midlife and writing a book (two actually) on topics that have nothing to do with marketing. And, spending a lot of time doing volunteer pet-provided therapy work and serving on the board of Love on a Leash. So much more than just marketing, or being a teacher, or even running an online business!

So yes, I was excited to read that not only am I not alone in wanting to pursue multiple avenues, but there’s actually a title for it!

I’m excited to be a Slasher and to see where all the different paths lead!

About Debbie

Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. She now teaches marketing and helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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