Pushing The Rock That Moves [Video]

Living Inspired, Featuring Sheryl Brown of Healing Horse. In this video interview shot at the beautiful War Horse Ranch in Bonsall, California, Sheryl shares how she has built her horse therapy business over the past two years, following inspired ideas. She refers to the whispers and light bulbs that have helped her shape her business and her life. Sheryl is no newbie to business. She was the co-founder of The American… Read More »Pushing The Rock That Moves [Video]

Defining Moments

We all have defining moments in our lives. Those moments when something happens that changes the direction we’re heading. Puts us on a new path. Or simply causes us to question the status quo and consider other possibilities. Sometimes these moments are born out of good things. Other times they come from hardship or pain. Whether they are the result of something good or something bad (and remember those are… Read More »Defining Moments