Are You Listening?

I’ve realized that I talk a lot more than I listen. I remember getting scolded by a boss years ago for not listening to a client. I was too concerned with sharing my perspective, justifying my recommendations. His point? She was the client. She was paying us. While we had an obligation to share our expertise, at the end of the day, the client wouldn’t stick around if we weren’t… Read More »Are You Listening?

The Warrior and The Wizard

Years ago I attended two experiential events put on by Peak Potentials and T. Harv Eker. One was called Enlightened Warrior Training Camp (Warrior). The other was called Wizard Training Camp (Wizard). They changed my life. Warrior was all about busting through obstacles. Moving through fear. Making things happen. I was a natural. I’m a “busting through” kind of person. Think “bulldozer.” Wizard was about allowing. Learning to receive. The… Read More »The Warrior and The Wizard

Here’s Your Sign

  • Debbie 

Last night as I was running I looked up and saw a sign. Not a metaphorical one, but a real sign. It was on a light pole and it had a big “50” on it. Turns out it’s the 50th anniversary of the lakes here in my community. They’re man-made, but still beautiful… and I enjoy them several times a week when I run on the bridge that crosses them.… Read More »Here’s Your Sign

Everybody’s Talking At Me

  • Debbie 

When I visit Facebook I’m struck by the thousands of people talking about themselves, inviting me to like their page, or attend their event. I’m reminded of the Harry Nilsson song lyrics, “Everybody’s talking at me, I don’t hear a word they’re saying.” I feel bombarded. I wonder if I’m the only one. When did we all become so brash as to constantly talk about ourselves and what we’re doing?… Read More »Everybody’s Talking At Me

30 Years Ago This Weekend I Said “I Do”

  • Debbie 

My husband Louie and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this weekend. Thirty years is a long time. We’ve been through a lot together. Some tough times and some truly wonderful times. There was a time I didn’t think we were going to make it. I’m guessing anyone in a relationship that’s stood the test of time has experienced the same thing. As I reflect back on why we… Read More »30 Years Ago This Weekend I Said “I Do”

Shades of Gray

I’ve always been a very black and white person. For me, things are right or wrong. You go all out or you do nothing at all. There’s an edge to living this way that enables you to accomplish a lot, but can be viewed by others as harsh or uncaring. And, it’s how I’ve lived most of my life… until now. As I’ve been writing about on this blog, my… Read More »Shades of Gray

Embracing the Ebb and Flow

During one of my recent interviews for my book, Breaking The Spell, the topic of embracing the ebb and flow came up. It’s not something I’ve done well in the past. As a business owner for 13 years, it’s been something I’ve come face-to-face with on many occasions. Business booms, and then it slows down. While I’ve tried to build in some practices over the years to balance things out… Read More »Embracing the Ebb and Flow

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Breaking Up. Letting Go. Moving On. Very often the right thing to do, but definitely not easy. I’ve had two experiences with this in the past week, one personally and one through my daughter. We both needed to let go of something we weren’t quite ready to let go of. For my daughter, it was her college. She graduated in May and it was tough for her to leave. Then,… Read More »Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Why Being Present is So Important

As much as I focus on trying to stay in the present moment, I admit I’m human and often find myself worrying about the future. The idea of being present has been drilled into my head, and I fully appreciate it. I get that worrying about something that may or may not happen is futile… it’s wasted energy. Yet, the planner in me persists. And unfortunately, more times than I… Read More »Why Being Present is So Important