Universal Validation

Following inspiration is all about trust. We pay attention to inspired ideas, take action on those ideas, and trust things will work out for the best. And they usually do. Still, living and working inspired can feel risky at times, because very often we don’t know where the inspired path is leading us. We trust if we take one inspired step at a time, we’ll be led on a journey… Read More »Universal Validation

Mastery and Working Inspired

I was talking with a friend the other day about following inspiration in business, and she shared something I hadn’t considered before. She insisted that in order to follow inspiration in business, you must first achieve mastery. As we walked and talked, I contemplated this idea. Can anyone follow inspired ideas in business, or is it a concept that’s reserved for the experienced? Do you really need to have mastered… Read More »Mastery and Working Inspired

Are You Working Inspired? [Video]

One sure way to know whether you’re going through the motions in your business, or truly following an inspired path, is by evaluating the emotional connection. 1. Do you feel passion for what you’re doing? 2. Does it make you feel good when you’re doing it? 3. Does it make an impact with other people? Can you answer Yes to all three questions? You may not love the work you do 100%… Read More »Are You Working Inspired? [Video]

Teachers: Who Inspired You? [Video]

This morning I was contemplating the teachers that have inspired me over the years. As I thought back, I was somewhat surprised to realize the ones that came to mind had all inspired my creative spirit. I’ve always seen myself as an intellectual. I’m analytical not creative. Yes, I enjoy creating, but I never saw it as my driving force. That all changed this morning. Perhaps these teachers saw something… Read More »Teachers: Who Inspired You? [Video]

Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

  • Debbie 

 Doubt and Fear vs. Courage. The bigger the inspired idea, the greater the chance for doubt and fear to creep in. Following little inspired ideas doesn’t require a lot of courage. If there’s not much at risk, it’s pretty easy to follow along and see where things lead. However, when one of those great big, potentially life-changing inspired ideas drops in your lap, it’s another story. Life-Changing Inspired Ideas Require… Read More »Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

Inspired Selling [Video]

If you’re uncomfortable when it comes to selling your services, you’re not alone. In fact, it has always been one of the top business challenges I hear about from my clients. I hear things like… “I don’t like the perception of being a sales person.” “I’m uncomfortable asking for money.” “It feels pushy. I’m not a Fuller Brush salesman.” “I’m uncomfortable closing the selling conversation.” I get it. I didn’t… Read More »Inspired Selling [Video]

Inspired Copywriting [Video]

Copywriting is an important part of marketing. And, it can be challenging for many people. Especially in the online marketing world, because it feels like there are so many rules. So many things you have to remember to include in your copy, to ensure it grabs people’s attention and makes them want to click or buy. That can be overwhelming, even for those of us who consider ourselves marketers. I… Read More »Inspired Copywriting [Video]

Following Inspired Marketing Ideas [Video]

Maybe you’ve followed inspired ideas in your life. Maybe you’ve even followed inspired ideas in your career or business. But did you know you can also follow inspired ideas in your marketing? That’s what I’m teaching in my newest online course: Tapping into the Power of Inspired Marketing: 6 Steps to Transform How You View Marketing and How You Do Marketing Here’s a sneak peek!

Inspired Marketing [Video]

Does marketing and selling your services feel like that thing you have to do, but wish you didn’t? Do you wonder if you’re doing it right? Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends? Are you frustrated with the time it takes to learn online marketing, or other marketing strategies? Are you tired of doing what you think you need to do to market… Read More »Inspired Marketing [Video]