Life’s Curve Balls

I woke up last Wednesday morning to a text message. It was from my sister in California. Dad had fallen and broken his hip. He was in the hospital and heading into surgery later that day. My immediate thought was I needed to be there. And by 11pm that night I was, thanks to a same day flight from North Carolina to California, compliments of my brother and his accumulation… Read More »Life’s Curve Balls

Fessing Up: Sometimes Following Inspiration is Hard [Video]

Following inspiration is about listening to that little voice inside. I like to think of it as my higher self, steering me in the direction that will best serve me. Very often, that little voice is trying to tell me something I don’t want to hear. Or something that will require me to make a change, break a bad habit, or do something I know is good for me but… Read More »Fessing Up: Sometimes Following Inspiration is Hard [Video]

Following Inspiration Full Circle

Even after 10 years, the inspired path continues to amaze me. This week, I did a promotion for my book, The Following Inspiration Experiment, at a sunset yoga class at Jump Off Rock, here in Western North Carolina. The promotion was not something I sought out, or dreamt up. Rather, my friend who teaches the class, and who had read the book, offered to promote it to the class. I… Read More »Following Inspiration Full Circle

Happiness is a Choice

“Happiness is a choice. Choose happiness.” Those were the words my yoga teacher, and good friend, ended class with the other evening. They’re simple words, and they’re so true. Yet, far too often, we forget it is actually a choice. We allow ourselves to get mired down in negativity. We let things upset us that really aren’t worth the energy. And then we spread that negativity in an effort to… Read More »Happiness is a Choice

A funny thing happened after I published my book

Maybe funny isn’t the right word. More like familiar. After completing my latest book and online course, which took several months of dedicated work, I found myself in that familiar yet uncomfortable place. The space between. One of my followers emailed, asking, “What are you going to do next?” I found myself asking the same question. Inspired ideas for my next book and more online courses swirled in my mind.… Read More »A funny thing happened after I published my book

Why is change so hard?

Change is hard because it very often requires us to let go of who we are, in order to become who we want to be. Our fear of the unknown, and our affinity for what’s comfortable and predictable, makes change feel scary. However, when you start living inspired, and you set an intention for the life you truly want to live, you must be ready to embrace change. After all,… Read More »Why is change so hard?

Definition of Inspiration [Video]

In this sneak peek video from my online course, Master the Art of Letting Go and Following Inspiration, I share what I mean by “Inspiration.” First off, let me just say that I’m not talking about religion. What I am talking about, and you may choose to use a different label, is paying attention to, and following, that little voice that’s urging you to do something. You know that little… Read More »Definition of Inspiration [Video]

Learning to Let Go and Trust [Video]

I’ve completed video production for my newest online course, Master the Art of Letting Go and Following Inspiration. And, the edits on my latest book, The Following Inspiration Experiment, are back from my editor. That means now it’s time to put the online course together and post it online, and complete final production of my book. While I’m busy working on all of that that, and getting ready to launch… Read More »Learning to Let Go and Trust [Video]