Debbie’s Current Blog: Following Inspiration

As Debbie transitions from a 32-year marketing career, to a new chapter, she’s sharing the journey as it unfolds and writing openly about the challenges and gifts that accompany change and following an inspired path. Debbie started her Following Inspiration blog in 2011, and while she’s had several different blogs since then, she made the decision to return to Following Inspiration in 2017. Its theme is the perfect venue for writing about the gifts and challenges that accompany change and learning to follow an inspired path through life.

Debbie’s Previous Blogs

Debbie’s first blog, The 10stepmarketing Connection (2006-2009) shared marketing tips and podcasts based on her signature program, The 10stepmarketing System. Her Money Success Happiness Blog (2009-2015) examined and questioned the societal and cultural attachment to the idea that money and success are what makes us happy. The Business Stylist® Blog (2009-2016) shared marketing and branding tips, videos, and podcasts to help independent coaches and consultants learn how to package, brand, market, and sell their services more effectively. Her Meaning at Midlife Blog (2016-2017) shared the journey and challenges of reaching midlife and searching for more meaning. Her Following Inspiration Blog (2011-2012; 2017- ) shares the journey of learning how to live life by following your heart, your inner voice, and the inspired ideas that are always there if you take the time to listen.

Debbie’s blogs are now centralized on this site and may be accessed via the Categories drop-down menu on each page.