Brilliant Marketing and JV’s put JLo on Top

Jennifer Lopez is one smart marketer.

She hasn’t had a top ten single since 2003 (that’s eight years ago!) and this month, due to some very smart marketing and partnerships, her new single, On The Floor

  • Landed at #1 on iTunes single download chart
  • Hit #9 on Billboard‘s Hot 100
  • Jumped to # 7 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart
  • The music video surpassed a staggering 13 million views on YouTube

Whether you like JLo or not, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Let’s take a look at the brilliant marketing mix and joint ventures that I believe are responsible for this incredible feat.

  • JLo becomes an American Idol judge and puts herself in front of 20-million-plus TV viewers several nights a week (cross promotion)
  • On the Floor music video debuts on American Idol, TV’s #1 most-watched series (exposure)
  • JLo and American Idol let viewers pick the ending for the music video (relationship marketing)
  • JLo collaborates with uber-cool rapper Pitbull on the record (joint venture / association)
  • JLo launches two major beauty endorsements with lots of TV commercials (exposure and likability)

This is a textbook example of the power of exposure across many channels (a marketing mix) and partnering with others who can provide access, implied endorsement, likability and “the cool factor” (joint ventures).

Compare this to what would have happened if JLo had done none of the above.

If she had just released a new single, eight years after having a top 10 record, I think we can all imagine how that might have turned out. Regardless of how “good” the record is, without exposure, it would have been difficult if not impossible to amass this level of success this quickly. Like I always say, being good, even great, simply isn’t enough.

This is a great reminder to all of us marketers to get out there in as many ways as we can: Exposure is KEY!

Even if those ways don’t appear to directly impact our results (e.g. being an American Idol judge and selling more records don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand).

It’s motivation to join forces with those who can help us reach a larger or different audience, and whom we can also help. Pitbull just makes JLo a little bit cooler, and JLo and Steven Tyler have brought a fresh attitude to American Idol, even if viewership is down. Let’s face it, the franchise is getting a little tired.

Plus, ex-American Idol judge Simon Cowell is coming out with his own version of American Idol with The X Factor (we all have competition, how can we set ourselves apart)?

Just a few things to think about and hopefully motivate you to get out there, seek more and broader exposure for yourself and your business, establish a brand that truly reflects you and resonates with your ideal clients, and to look for partnerships that provide a win-win situation.

How can you apply these principles to your business?

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