Can I Trademark A Name Someone Else Is Using?

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 138

Can I try to trademark a name someone else is using but hasn’t yet trademarked?

trademarking your brand name

What do you do if you’ve come up with a great brand name, and you discover others are using it, BUT no one has trademarked it?

Should you still use it?

Will you be able to trademark it?

This is a question I recently got from a coach.

She had noticed a few people were using the name she wanted to trademark, but none of them had trademarked the name. She wondered if she could still trademark it and whether or not if she did, the others would be able to continue using the name.

Bottomline, she wanted to know if it would be a bad idea for her to continue using and trying to protect the brand name.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast to hear my answer.

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