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The Covid-19 Pause

“The pause is as important as the note” –Truman Fisher, American composer. How often do we really allow ourselves to enjoy a pause? To take a time out. To slow down. To just breathe. In the busyness of life, work, and family responsibilities, we occupy ourselves and our minds every waking hour of every day. And, sometimes the hours we should be sleeping, too! Even vacations can be go go… Read More »The Covid-19 Pause

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Retrospection. Expectations. Reality.

Two years ago today we arrived in Western North Carolina (WNC). It was the culmination of a year-and-a-half long journey. As I look back on the past two years I can honestly say they have not been what I expected. Before relocating to the mountains I envisioned us spending all of our time hiking and exploring WNC, maybe taking painting or art classes, visiting galleries… you know, all that stuff… Read More »Retrospection. Expectations. Reality.

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Kindness Pays Dividends

In this final sneak peek into my new online course, How to Live an ExtraOrdinary Life, my course co-creator Kevin Monroe–host of the This ExtraOrdinary Life global online community–and I discuss ExtraOrdinary Life Quality #9 (of 19): Kindness. We discuss why being kind is so ExtraOrdinary, why we don’t often take the time to be kind, along with the impact it can have on us personally, on those we extend… Read More »Kindness Pays Dividends

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The Story Behind My Latest Online Course

In this video, my course co-creator Kevin Monroe and I discuss how my latest online course, How to Live an ExtraOrdinary Life came to be, including: Why I wanted to create this online course Why I wanted to create it with Kevin Monroe Why this online course at this time What we share in the online course  Where the content originated  The surprising origin of Kevin’s deep dive into living… Read More »The Story Behind My Latest Online Course

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How to Live an ExtraOrdinary Life

Do you long to live an ExtraOrdinary Life? Do you want to make the world, or at least your part of it, a better place? Do you have a desire to do things that make a difference for others? Do you want to make a bigger impact? Do you feel something inside calling you to step up, be more, or do more? But maybe you feel like a pretty ordinary… Read More »How to Live an ExtraOrdinary Life

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Exceptional vs. Extraordinary: Are they the same?

Are exceptional and extraordinary the same thing? Do you need to have special talent or above-average life circumstances in order to live an extraordinary life? My friend Kevin Monroe–host of the This ExtraOrdinary Life online community–and I recently delved into this topic in an online course we’ve co-created, and here’s a bit of our discussion. Learn more and enroll at ExtraOrdinaryLifeCourse.com

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Navigating Challenging Times

The most challenging time to let go and trust is when you feel you have no control over what’s happening. And that most certainly describes the times we find ourselves in. Not only have we lost a sense of control, we’ve given up many of the freedoms we take for granted. Going to work, out to dinner, shopping, to the gym, even hiking. Getting a haircut, spending time with friends… Read More »Navigating Challenging Times

transforming personal challenges through inspiration

It’s Tough to Let Go & Trust Right Now

I’ll be the first to admit it’s tough to Let Go & Trust right now.  There is so much out of our control. It’s a scary time. My friend Tetyana Azarova and I just completed an online course based on her PhD dissertation that explored the role of Inspiration during times of personal challenge or crisis.  In the hope this course might be helpful during this challenging time, I’m offering it… Read More »It’s Tough to Let Go & Trust Right Now


The Get Inspired Challenge: A Gift for You

On February 17th, my friend Kevin Monroe–host of the Higher Purpose Podcast and creator of The Gratitude Challenge–kicked off The Get Inspired Challenge. In this short video we share why we wanted to gift you this experience. That’s right, it won’t cost you anything to join us. Why Join the Challenge? We’ve all experienced inspiration. That amazing idea that shows up out of nowhere. That sudden burst of energy, excitement,… Read More »The Get Inspired Challenge: A Gift for You

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The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story

I love tangible examples of living and working inspired. It solidifies that following inspiration is more than just a nice idea, it’s a productive and viable way to live and work. It leads to collaborations and programs that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And, it makes marketing easy, exciting, and more fruitful. Toward that end I wanted to share a story about something that began unfolding last October, and as… Read More »The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story