Living Inspired Stories

Daring People To Awaken to Life [Video]

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Sarah Hope. In this interview, Sarah Hope shares how seeing a billboard she thought read “Live where you live” set her on an inspired path. Wondering what it could mean to LIVE where you live, she set out to find out. It turns out the billboard didn’t actually say that, but her curiosity about what she thought she saw changed her life. In fact, she calls… Read More »Daring People To Awaken to Life [Video]

Following Her Dreams, Literally [Video]

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Alaya Dannu. In this interview, Alaya Dannu talks about the dream journals she’s been keeping for years and the inspired journey they’ve led her on. On July 5, 2015, Alaya flew to Ireland on a one-way ticket. She had just enrolled in a MFA program in Creative Fiction and went to Ireland to participate in a week-long writing workshop. She had no plans to return to… Read More »Following Her Dreams, Literally [Video]

Resilience and Sailing Through Fear [Video]

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Trudy Van Buskirk. Trudy Van Buskirk has been a school teacher, a special ed teacher, and she’s been self employed since 1980. She co-owned one of the first Apple computer dealerships in Toronto, sold minicomputers to law firms, and co-created and co-ran a conference and trade show company based in San Francisco. She has spoken at conferences, and consulted, coached, and trained countless start up business… Read More »Resilience and Sailing Through Fear [Video]

Embrace Your Story [Video]

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Kimberly Elahab. In this Living Inspired Video Interview, Kimberly shares how she spent 20 years looking outside of herself to find something she could do… some way she could contribute in the form of a business. As a little girl, Kimberly knew she was going to do something to impact others, she just never knew what it was. After being abandoned by her mother as a… Read More »Embrace Your Story [Video]

Trust Your Gut

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Holistic Health and Life Coach, Holly Wade. Please describe the inspired ideas that led you to start your business or begin your inspired journey. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease nearly 20 years ago. As a single woman, I dreamed of traveling the world, doing live events, training, and coaching, but didn’t know how I would do that with limited energy at times, limited income and… Read More »Trust Your Gut

Inspiration is Loving Your Life [Video]

Living Inspired, Featuring Scout Wilkins. In this Living Inspired Video Interview, wilderness guide, systems thinker, life coach and energy worker Scout Wilkins, talks about what Living Inspired means to her, along with the role it’s played in her life, from the time she was a child to the present day. Scout talks about the role self protection plays in our efforts to Live Inspired, how she lost the ability to… Read More »Inspiration is Loving Your Life [Video]

In The Flow of Life [Audio]

Living Inspired, Featuring Life Coach Laura Noble. In this Living Inspired Audio Interview, Laura shares her inspired journey from stay-at-home mom to life coach. She talks about her year of darkness and the serendipitous email that changed everything. In talking to Laura it became very clear that Living Inspired is how she’s lived her entire life. It was inspiring to listen as she rattled off all the decisions and choices… Read More »In The Flow of Life [Audio]

Pushing The Rock That Moves [Video]

Living Inspired, Featuring Sheryl Brown of Healing Horse. In this video interview shot at the beautiful War Horse Ranch in Bonsall, California, Sheryl shares how she has built her horse therapy business over the past two years, following inspired ideas. She refers to the whispers and light bulbs that have helped her shape her business and her life. Sheryl is no newbie to business. She was the co-founder of The American… Read More »Pushing The Rock That Moves [Video]

Building an Inspired Business [Video]

  • Debbie 

Living Inspired Featuring Krista Powell of Vibrant K9. In this video interview, Krista Powell of Vibrant K9, shares how she has built her business over the past two years, following an inspired path. I’ve been inspired watching her business grow, and I hope you’ll be inspired by her story, too. Krista shares so many nuggets of wisdom, including… “As strong independent women we have this fine balance of control between…… Read More »Building an Inspired Business [Video]