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I'd love to help you tap into, and follow your inspiration, so you can create a business and life you love.

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We'll discuss your intentions and how to best follow your inspiration toward them.

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I don't want to be your Guru, but I'd love to be your Guide

Following inspiration is a new way of being for most of us. It can be challenging, especially in business. 

If you’re used to leading with your head, setting goals, making plans, and working diligently to implement them, you may find it difficult to let that go. You may be wondering how to find direction, how to ensure you’re moving forward meaningfully, and not just drifting. You may even be scared that nothing will happen and your business will flounder. 

I get it. I’d like to help put your mind at ease, and guide you through the process, so you and your business can flourish.

I'd love to help you start living and working more inspired

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We’ll get on the phone, or videoconference, for 60 minutes to discuss your intentions, challenges, and questions. You’ll have the opportunity to share with me where you’re at, where you wish to go, and where you’re getting stuck.

This is your chance to bounce your ideas and challenges off someone who has been there many times, and has learned how to navigate even the roughest patches on the inspired path.

You’ll leave the conversation calmer, and with the clarity to move forward toward your intentions. Along with guidance, and some specific action steps, to help you continue following your inspiration every day.

If we complete your coaching session and determine additional coaching would be helpful, we can discuss your options at that time. And, I will happily credit what you’ve already invested toward a longer term coaching package.

If an Inspired Coaching Session sounds like a good fit, please click the Buy Now button below to book yours. After you purchase your coaching session, I will email you to schedule a time for us to talk, and I will forward you a brief questionnaire to complete and return to me prior to your session.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you follow your inspiration!

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Don't walk The Inspired Path alone.

I’ve been in your shoes, probably more times than either of us can count. I’ve been practicing following inspiration for more than 10 years. I’ve encountered  the challenges. I’ve also experienced the magic that occurs when you’re able to let go of trying to make life or business happen, and allow them to flow to you instead. If you’re getting stuck and you’re not sure how to  move forward, I’d love to help.

A private session with me can help ease your mind, regain your confidence, so you can step fully into the life, or business, you desire. 

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