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Build a successful coaching or consulting business

Start your independent coaching or consulting business off on the right foot with these online courses. Click on course images to learn more and enroll.

Learn How to Avoid Frustration and Mistakes, Be Better Prepared, Enjoy Your Business, and Be More Successful
Learn 6 Simple Steps You Can Take This Week to Help You Start Getting Clients
Learn How To Package, Brand, Market, & Sell Your Services to Create an Enjoyable, Profitable, Successful Business
Create a Unique and Compelling Brand That Sets You Apart from Everyone Else Who Does What You Do
Stop Selling Your Time. Package Your Services & Sell What Your Clients Really Want & Are Willing to Pay More For
Stop Giving Away Your Time & Expertise Doing Free Coaching Sessions or Creating Spec Proposals
Learn a Simple, 6-Step Process That Can Help You Create The Business and Life You Truly Desire
Learn How to Turn Your Expertise into Online Courses that Attract More Students & Earn You Passive Income

Experience the magic of working inspired

Learn how to tap into that little voice… your gut… your intuition… I call it inspiration… and experience the magic of working inspired. Click on course images to learn more and enroll.

7 Steps for Designing a Business With Ease, That’s Filled with Passion, Purpose, and Profit
6 Steps to Transform How You View Marketing and How You Do Marketing

Master your mindset & reap the benefits of following inspiration

Learn how to tap into the power of inspiration to help you create the life you’ve been dreaming of. Click on course images to learn more and enroll.

Finding and Making the Most of the Gifts of Inspiration in Everyday Life
Discover the Path to Peace, Purpose, Productivity, and a Magical Life
Turning Personal Challenge
Into Personal Growth

Give back to your community by doing volunteer pet therapy.

Free Online Course! Click on course image to learn more and enroll.

Learn What a Therapy Dog is, What's Required For Therapy Dog Certification, and If Your Dog is a Good Fit









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