Creating a New Normal: Following Inspiration Podcast Episode 9

In this Living Inspired Interview, Emme Simon, a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, talks about sitting on Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona, in 2011, and asking herself the following question about her business, “Could I really walk away and just close the door and not show up the next day?”

Emme SimonShe shares what brought her to this point after running a successful business for 20 years, the answer she got to that question, and what’s happened since then.

Emme talks about fear, making choices, taking risks, taking baby steps, and learning how to trust the unknown.

An advocate of setting bold intentions, Emme also shares her advice for Living Inspired, including something she calls “The 10 second Miracle Move.”

I invite you to listen, learn, and be inspired!

You can learn more about Emme on her website.

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