Defining Moments

We all have defining moments in our lives.

Those moments when something happens that changes the direction we’re heading. Puts us on a new path. Or simply causes us to question the status quo and consider other possibilities.

Sometimes these moments are born out of good things.

Other times they come from hardship or pain. Whether they are the result of something good or something bad (and remember those are our labels), they can, and most often do, result in positive change. It just may not feel that way at the moment they’re occurring.

Today is my daughter’s birthday.

Her birth 28 years ago was most certainly a defining moment in my life. Prior to her being born I was extremely happy in my advertising agency career. I worked hard but enjoyed it, and was on the typical path of upward mobility in my field.

I knew having a baby would change my life.

What I didn’t realize was how much it would change how I felt about my career. I can still remember the day I went back to work after my four-month maternity leave. I was sitting in my nice corner office on the 16th floor, looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows, and all I could think was, “I don’t want to be here. I want to be home with my baby.”

I made the decision to negotiate a part-time employment contract, something that had never been done by anyone in my position in the company. A few years later, and after the birth of my son, I ended up going into business for myself. And the rest, as they say, is history!

I’m where I am today because I listened and followed.

As I sit here now, having closed that business that I ran for 19 years, and write this blog post that’s part of the new online platform I hope to create, I realize defining moments such as these don’t necessarily seem big at the time they occur, but they can result in dramatic changes to our lives.

For that reason I believe it’s so important to listen to that little voice compelling us to make a change, and honor it. While it may take some time, and planning, for the change to come to fruition, I do believe if we don’t listen and take that first step, we may miss the opportunity and regret it later.

No Regrets.

We’ve all heard so many times the sentiment from those on their deathbed, that they never regretted the things they did, only the things they didn’t do. Those little inspirations that show up in our life, prompting us to step onto a new path, are there for a reason. I believe we owe it to ourselves to at least follow them to see where they lead. We always have the choice, in any moment, and at any step along the way, to stop following or go in a new direction. And, as a friend recently shared in her Living Inspired interview, when a door opens, walk through it, because nine times out of ten, 30 more doors open.

Leap of Faith.

Yes, sometimes it requires a leap of faith. And sometimes it’s scary or uncomfortable. But, if you look back at your life, and the times you’ve chosen to follow that inspired voice, I bet you’ll see, just like I have, that the life you have now is because you listened and took that chance.

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