What? Are you serious? Design a Life You Love, Now?

Yes, I am serious, although I admit it took me a minute… okay several months… to finally get here.

Find out why in this video as I share a little bit about my newest online course, Design a Life You Love, along with where and when the idea for this online course originated, why I put the idea on hold several times over the past few years, and again over the past few months, and what finally prompted me to go ahead and produce it.

You can get all the details and enroll here


2 thoughts on “Design a Life You Love During COVID-19?”

  1. Looking forward to some direction. I have been working on decluttering my home; I moved my office to a new location(big improvement,) I have started the practice of using a Monk Manual to help with my focus and seeing your notice, I think that this is just another “God Wink” nudging me toward the correct path.
    Thank you
    Blessings on the work of your hands and heart

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