Drawn to Water

Lately I seem to be drawn to water.

Not sure why, but I’ve been honoring it. Instead of running through the park or my normal “street” route, in the past week I’ve headed to the beach and the lake.

I’ve been a bit stuck in my head as I’ve been writing my book and I’ve found my water runs are helping me tap back into my heart, and inspiration. They are also bringing me peace.

On most of my runs, my brain runs faster than my legs.

I’ve joked that I need to carry my digital recorder to capture all the inspiring ideas. Yet there’s a big part of me that doesn’t want to impose the recorder on my sacred running space. I love letting my mind wander. I can always capture the thoughts when I get back home – the “sticky” ones don’t go away.

However, on my last two water runs, I noticed something…my mind was no longer racing.

I was merely enjoying the beauty around me and the feeling the unbridled joy of my body moving. It was a new space for me, and one that I welcome.

Going for a run has always been a break for me, a mental time out if you will.

It’s cool that I am flooded with inspiring ideas while I run, but in some ways it’s even cooler that my mind feels it has permission to just turn off for 60 minutes.

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