Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning

What do dreams and inspiration have to do with planning?

In this video I share the connection and why it’s so important to get clear and focused through the planning process, if you truly want to manifest your dreams.

In my online course, How to Create a Simple Strategic Plan, I teach you how to get focused on what you want, set intentions (not goals, and I explain why), and identify actions you can take to start heading in that direction (even if you have no idea how it’s all going to happen). And, I teach you how to leave room for magic (yes magic!) instead of having to make it all happen on your own. This is not your typical corporate strategic planning process. It’s much more powerful and appropriate for solo professionals with a big dream and the willingness to do what it takes to manifest it.

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What students are saying about How to Create a Simple Strategic Plan

“Awesome! this will change my life and the way I do business. Thank you Debbie!” 

“Excellent information, I can tell she has passion.”

“… thought provoking.”

“A simplified process that can work for just about anyone.”

“Thank you Debbie. I appreciate learning from you! You are a great inspiration.”

How to create a simple strategic plan