Embrace Your Story [Video]

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Kimberly Elahab.

In this Living Inspired Video Interview, Kimberly shares how she spent 20 years looking outside of herself to find something she could do… some way she could contribute in the form of a business.

As a little girl, Kimberly knew she was going to do something to impact others, she just never knew what it was. After being abandoned by her mother as a 10-year-old child, she struggled with low self esteem, low self love, and low self worth, all of which prevented her from living the life she knew she was capable of.

Kimberly shares how embracing her story led her to an inspired idea. An idea that finally made clear the business she was supposed to create and the difference she now knows she is meant to make in the world.

She talks about how everything began unfolding, the ideas that have come, the people who have shown up, and the synchronicities she has experienced. She also shares the things she does to cultivate a Living Inspired attitude.

I invite you to watch, learn, and be inspired!

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