Entangled in Parenthood

My kids are both grown now…they’re adults. My daughter is 21 and my son is 19.

Right now they’re both living at home…my daughter for a few months in between college and grad school, and my son while he attends college locally.

And, let me just say that I love my kids with all my heart. They have been the center of my life since they were born.

They were the reason I went into business for myself, and I love being a mom

However, being a mom of grown children who are living at home can be a challenge.

In some ways it’s tougher than when they were younger. They are their own people now. And they don’t always make the choices I would make. However, I recognize they are adults and they are free to make those choices. After all, they’re the ones who have to live with them. EXCEPT when they are living with me and I have to live with them, too!

After a particularly challenging week dealing with some issues we don’t see eye-to-eye on, I was inspired to go to Souplantation for dinner. I felt like eating salad. My son was working, so I took my husband and daughter. While there, I couldn’t help but notice ALL the little kids running around. I mean they were EVERYWHERE. Babies in strollers parked next to tables. Toddlers with juice boxes and mini ice cream cones. We were literally surrounded!

As I sat there enjoying my salad with my husband and adult daughter, it felt so long ago that my kids were that small.

I remembered taking them out to restaurants and the challenges we faced when they got fussy, or decided they didn’t want to sit still any longer, or didn’t want or like anything on the menu. And I grew a new appreciation for my two adult kids.

As much as we sometimes disagree on things, they turned out pretty well.

Both graduated from high school with honors and went on to college. They never got into trouble with drugs or alcohol. They have part-time jobs to help support themselves. They manage their own checking accounts. They pretty much take care of themselves. Not always the way I would, but I must remember that I raised them to be independent and now they are.

It was such a great reminder and I thank the Universe for providing it.

And myself for listening to inspiration and going out to dinner so I could receive the message.

One final note.

After dinner, I was once again inspired…this time to rent a movie. And of all movies, a Disney cartoon: Tangled.

While watching it, I couldn’t help but smile as the evil but doting mother sang “Mother Knows Best” to Rapunzel, over and over again. I couldn’t help smile as I watched this young girl break out on her own, and do things her mother wouldn’t have approved of, and yet be just fine.

The challenges of being a parent of adult children mirror the challenges I face in following inspiration.

Both require having a vision of what I want, taking action to achieve it, but being willing to let go at the same time and not be attached to the outcome having to look the way I expect or want it to. Both require doing the best I can and then trusting that all will be fine. And knowing great lessons will be learned from the missteps and mistakes…and life will go on.

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