Fame, Fortune, Suicide

junior seau memorial

Word is spreading like wildfire across the Internet today.

Beloved ex-San Diego Charger, Junior Seau, dead of an apparent suicide at 43 years old.

As a San Diego resident and Chargers football fan I am heartbroken. This guy was an icon. He was the heart and soul of the Chargers the entire time he played here. It was never quite the same after he left. Sure we had his namesake restaurant in the middle of our city, but the passionate and powerful number 55 was no longer on the field.

This guy was a star. A local high school player who went on to play professionally for the home team for 13 years. 12-time NFL Pro Bowl linebacker. Inducted into the hall of fame. Head of a foundation that supported youth. Successful restaurant owner.

From the outside it looked as if he had it all.

Fame. Fortune. The things so many people strive for.

If they do indeed confirm it was suicide, it’s clear he didn’t have it all. And, it’s another sobering reminder that perhaps those of us who are seeking our happiness through money, accomplishments, and material possessions, are looking in the wrong place. How many sad examples do we need to wake up?

RIP Junior.

You will be missed.


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