Following Her Dreams, Literally [Video]

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Alaya Dannu.

In this interview, Alaya Dannu talks about the dream journals she’s been keeping for years and the inspired journey they’ve led her on.

On July 5, 2015, Alaya flew to Ireland on a one-way ticket. She had just enrolled in a MFA program in Creative Fiction and went to Ireland to participate in a week-long writing workshop.

She had no plans to return to the United States. Due to her family situation at the time, she really didn’t have a place to return to.

Two years later she still doesn’t have a specific place she calls home.

She’s traveling, volunteering, and experiencing life in a way that epitomizes the concept of following inspiration.

I don’t know many people who would have the courage to do what Alaya is doing. However, after speaking with her, it’s clear it’s the only path she can follow.

She’s pursuing a calling, taking things one day and one place at a time, and hoping to someday be ready to write what she calls her spiritual memoir.

I was inspired by her adventurous and fearless spirit.

She’s a woman on a mission who doesn’t expect others to understand or even approve of the way she’s choosing to live her life. But I also got the sense she’s living it the only way she can, following the inspiration that shows up in her dreams.

I invite you to watch, learn, and be inspired!

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