Even after 10 years, the inspired path continues to amaze me.

This week, I did a promotion for my book, The Following Inspiration Experiment, at a sunset yoga class at Jump Off Rock, here in Western North Carolina.

The promotion was not something I sought out, or dreamt up. Rather, my friend who teaches the class, and who had read the book, offered to promote it to the class. I wasn’t comfortable “hijacking” her class with my book so I initially said no. But a day later I received an inspired idea. I suggested we give a free copy of my book to anyone attending the yoga class and making a donation to the charity she was supporting. I thought it might help her raise more money. She loved the idea.

I had to wait for a shipment of books, so we couldn’t do the promotion right away.

The day of the promotion, my friend was worried her class attendance might be limited. The banner promoting her class had not been displayed that week, instead a banner promoting another event was up. I told her not to worry, that I only had a limited number of books to give away anyway. We did some promotion on social media and I trusted those who were meant to be there would be.

As I stood at the table before class, two women walked up and seemed interested in the book.

One of the women picked up the book, read my name on the cover, and asked if I was THE Debbie LaChusa who taught marketing classes for Wellcoaches. I told her yes, but that seemed like another lifetime ago. Still, when she told me her name, I remembered her. A short conversation later I learned she lived in New Jersey and was in town visiting for a few days.

I thought to myself, what are the odds someone I taught marketing to some 15 years ago, would end up at sunset yoga class at Jump Off Rock on the very night I was giving away copies of my book?

By the end of the evening, I realized just how perfectly the universe had orchestrated everything. I gave away all but two of the books I brought. My friend had a record fundraising night. Everyone who received a copy of my book seemed truly excited to have it. And I was offered another free promotional opportunity by the charity we were helping to support.

 I went home that night feeling blessed, and in awe of how things always seem to work out when you\’re able to let go, and just follow what shows up.

It was a full circle moment for me. In fact, it was almost surreal.

In many ways our relocation journey from Southern California to Western North Carolina, was inspired by Jump Off Rock.

When we visited Jump Off Rock for the first time almost two years ago, I instantly fell in love with the beauty, the views, and the energy.

On our scouting visits and house hunting trips, we always seemed to end up at Jump Off Rock. It was even featured on my social media pages and website for awhile.

So, to be there, giving away copies of the book that represents such a big part of my inspired journey, felt magical.

It validated every inspired idea I’ve chosen to follow over the past two years.

Because all of those little inspired ideas are what brought me to where I am today. And where I was that night, standing in the place that inspired me to move here in the first place, sharing my message of following inspiration.

When you choose to follow inspired ideas you don’t always know where they’re going to lead you, but one thing I know for sure, they always lead you exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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