Following Inspiration Podcast Episode 2: Sheryl Brown of Healing Horse

Pushing The Rock That Moves.

In this interview, Sheryl Brown shares how she has built her horse therapy business over the past two years, following inspired ideas. She refers to the whispers and light bulbs that have helped her shape her business and her life.

Sheryl is no newbie to business. She was the co-founder of The American Council on Exercise and served as executive director for 15 years. She was also the CEO of Wellcoaches at its inception. So, it was interesting to talk with her about how she blends business acumen with inspiration to not only build successful businesses, but also design a life that enables her to do work she’s passionate about.

Sheryl talks about advice she was given years ago, to push the rock that moves. I’ve never heard it put that way before but it makes perfect sense. When you hear her talk about it, I think you’ll agree!

I invite you to listen, learn, and be inspired!

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