Going with the Flow Cures Writer’s Block

After wrapping up my big work project last week, I finally freed up time to begin working on my book and book proposal.

Unfortunately, when I sat down to start writing, I couldn’t.

I found myself blocked. And this book definitely needs to be written from a place of flow, after all it’s about following inspiration!

I recognize that throwing myself 110% into finishing the work project (not flow by any means but an inspired idea to finish the project nonetheless) along with some challenges with my son over the past few weeks definitely affected my energy and most certainly contributed to the writer’s block.

But what to do? Step back and allow, that’s what!

Yesterday my niece was promoted from middle school to high school. With a last minute invitation to attend the ceremony from my brother (he travels a lot and is very busy and didn’t get around to sending out the details until the day prior), and an open morning on my calendar, I decided to take the morning off and go with my daughter.

It was a beautiful morning.

Almost my entire family was there at the promotion. I got to be the proud beaming aunt as my niece received a top academic award amidst huge kudos from her teacher. Afterward, we all went and hung out at Starbucks and drank coffee and tea and talked. It was relaxing and wonderful to just be with family and celebrate my niece’s accomplishment.

My daughter and I got back home around 12:30 and I sat down at my computer to begin work on the book.

Suddenly the survey I had been trying to create for days, to collect data for the book, just flowed.

I finished the survey and began working on the book introduction and the free “manifesto” I plan to publish and give away as a precursor to the book…and it flowed, too. All of the notes I had made a few days ago when I was stuck and knew what I wanted to write but couldn’t, began to fall into place.

I’m still working on it, but needless to say, I once again realized that when I get stuck, I need to step away and get my head out of that particular game.

Space and time ALWAYS open up the flow again.

It’s when we try to make things happen that we get stuck.

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