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I recently watched a documentary called Happy.

It was produced by Tom Shadyac, who also produced the movie I Am.

Here are a few highlights from Happy.

  • As a nation we are twice as wealthy as we were 50 years ago, yet happiness levels have remained the same.
  • Intrinsic goals such as personal growth, relationships, and a desire to help provide greater happiness than do pursuing extrinsic goals such as money, image, and status.
  • In fact, those who achieve extrinsic goals are less satisfied and have higher levels of depression.
  • In their quest for economic success, the Japanese are literally working themselves to death, so much they’ve given it a name: Karoshi.
  • The country of Bhutan is pursuing Gross National Happiness instead of Gross Domestic Product as a measure of success.
  • Money and things provide fleeting pleasure but not contentment.
  • The things that truly make us happy are play, new experiences, friends, appreciating what we have, and doing something meaningful.

This documentary cites many of the books I consulted and cite in my book, Breaking the Spell. It’s an important movie and I highly recommend you take the time to watch it.



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