Honor Your Truths

We all have our own truths.

The things we know in our heart work for us. They’re like an internal GPS. They guide our path. Help us stay true to who we are. Yet, it can be easy to fall out of practice with our truths.

The common culprits?

  • Busyness.
  • Focusing on getting things done vs. simply doing them
  • And, as I heard it phrased this week by Danielle LaPorte, falling for the Lie of Authority.

We truly are the best authority for our life.

Yet so often we turn to others. We think they know better. Either because we view them as an expert, or because we don’t trust ourselves. And often, I think we feel it’s just easier to ask someone else what to do. Perhaps in a way, it let’s us off the hook.

I confess, I’ve fallen victim to the culprits.

I realized this morning, after noticing things were not working in my life, that I’d fallen off my inspired path… the path that includes me honoring and following my own truths, no matter what.

So what are my truths?

My truths are the knowings and behaviors I’ve come to learn are necessary in my life. They’re supposed to be the non-negotiables. The things that always get first priority, even if it means something else has to drop.

They are…

  • Moving my body every single day—for me that means exercise (and no, walking my dogs doesn’t count, that’s for them, not me).
  • Running while listening to music—it’s what allows me to stay open and flexible, both physically and mentally.
  • Doing yoga every week—it keeps my body limber, balanced and pain free (and that’s becoming more important the older I get).
  • Allowing inspiration to guide my work—vs. mapping out a plan or creating and following to-do lists.
  • Focusing on doing vs. getting things done—both are productive, but doing is about being present in the task, getting things done is about checking off the task and getting on to the next.

The telltale signs I’d fallen off the wagon…

  • My body feeling tight and hurting.
  • Inspired ideas no longer flowing.
  • Too much focus on getting things done and checking projects off my list.
  • Skipping my morning meditation, or feeling too distracted while I am meditating.
  • Skipping my morning journaling session because I’m in a hurry to get my day going (and get shit done!)
  • Realizing I hadn’t written a blog post in an entire week—my blog posts all come from inspired ideas. No inspired ideas equals no blog posts.

The Busyness of Doing.

During my guided meditation this morning, I heard the phrase “The Busyness of Doing.” And, I realized for the past few weeks I’ve let busyness crowd out inspiration. I’ve let working get in the way of inspired work (and jeez, that’s what this project is all about!). And, I’ve let other people’s recommendations (in my case a well-intentioned doctor) influence my behavior more than trusting myself and what I know works for me.

I’m not beating myself up.

I’m grateful I realized it after a relatively short period of time. In the big scheme of things two weeks is not that long. I’m also reminded that Living Inspired is a practice. It’s not something that just happens. Especially in a culture that praises productivity and celebrates success.

Living Inspired requires mindfulness.

Minute-by-minute mindfulness some days. It necessitates making course corrections when we wake up and discover we’ve wandered back into our old way of living.

It really should come as no surprise that I’m writing this blog post today. I took time to meditate this morning . I journaled. I went for a run. And it was while I was running that the inspiration for this blog post came to me.

It’s no surprise because that’s how Living Inspired works for me.

If I don’t allow the time and space for inspiration to show up (and really it’s about keeping my mind open so I notice the inspired ideas), my life doesn’t work. Things don’t flow. Everything starts to feel hard. It doesn’t feel good. It feels more like a struggle.

It’s not about not doing.

I may be just as busy, if not busier, when I’m following inspiration. Rather, it’s the way I’m doing. It’s about allowing myself to be truly present in whatever I’m doing in the moment. To give it my full attention. To let it unfold however it may. And to take however long it’s going to take. It’s about trusting it will get done when it gets done, and that the timing will be perfect.

Honestly, it’s about getting out of my head and into my heart!

Once again, music moves me.

I’d like to close with a lyric I heard this morning because I know it’s what sparked this post. I think it sums up what happens when we allow busyness and getting things done to take over our lives…

The broken clock is a comfort…. Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time.

I think that’s what we do. We allow the days to steal our time. We run on autopilot. We do what we think we’re supposed to be doing, but we’re not really living when we do that.

Coincidentally, the title of that song is Broken.

Which is exactly how I started feeling this past week. Yes, I was productive. I was accomplishing a lot. But I wasn’t truly present in my doing. I was allowing busyness to crowd out inspiration and time for my truths. And I started paying the price. Even this Living Inspired project started paying the price.

I’m grateful for the reminder.

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