How a Strategic Plan Gave Me More Freedom [Video]

The Story Behind My Newest Online Course…

In this video I share my story about how creating a simple Strategic Plan enabled me to totally revamp my business and my life in less than three years. I feel very blessed to have more time and freedom in my life and I give 100% credit to getting totally clear three years ago. That’s what strategic planning can do. Not traditional corporate strategic planning, but simple planning for independent coaches and consultants.

Here’s my story…

About Debbie

After spending 32 years in marketing, Debbie now spends her time blogging, teaching online courses, doing volunteer pet therapy, and encouraging others to follow a more inspired path through life.

1 comment on “How a Strategic Plan Gave Me More Freedom [Video]

  1. Debbie,

    Thank you for sharing part of your thoughts and your journey on this video, very enjoyable, people watching this should listen to the words and the too meaning of them, they are very powerful.

    Thank you, Graham

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