How and Why To Pick Your Marketing Focus for 2016


Well here we are again… another year almost gone.

When it comes to business, this is the time I like to reflect back on all I’ve done over the past year and the results I’ve achieved.

I also like to choose my focus for the coming year.

I do this every year because it helps me manage my time and marketing more effectively. The ultimate goal of whatever focus I choose is to generate new clients. But I like zeroing in on one main strategy for the year. No, it’s not the only thing I do all year, but it gets the lion’s share of my attention.

For example, in years past I’ve focused on offering teleseminars, doing live speaking engagements, writing and publishing a book, and this past year, creating online content.

My 2016 Focus.

This coming year my focus is shifting to marketing all of the content I’ve created. Now that I’ve built up a solid stable of courses at TBS Marketing Academy, I will be investing my time and money on tools and activities to reach a broader audience. That means growing my email list (and learning and testing out a new email list provider that is better suited to online course marketing), and learning and testing new ways to promote my courses.

One strategy I planned to use in 2015 but never really had the time for, is free webinars. They’re in my 2016 plan so you can expect to see some invitations in your inbox after the first of the year. While they’re a marketing activity, they’re also a great way to learn for free, so I hope you’ll plan to join me for these.

And of course, as always, I will share what I learn and how it works in the hopes it will help you with your online marketing as well. A big part of my 2016 focus is learning/improving my online marketing capabilities (I have a bunch of online courses I’ve invested in and need to start going through!) so as I learn I will share with you.

I do have plans to create at least one new online course that I’m seeing a need for, and can create others if there’s demand, but creating will not be my focus in 2016. It takes a lot of time and limits the time I have available for marketing. Thus the importance of choosing what the priority is.

Why I love picking an annual focus.

It helps me from becoming overwhelmed. It helps me achieve my goals because I’m not jumping from project to project in a random way. It enables me to take control of my business and my marketing activities and know exactly what I should be spending my time on. Because trust me, when you’ve been in business as long as I have (18 years now!) you learn there are always more opportunities and things to do than there’s time.

So how do I pick my annual focus?

For me, it usually makes itself known as the year is coming to an end. It’s typically the next logical step. For example, in 2013, I launched my first online course. In 2014 I began moving my business in the direction of teaching online and away from private consulting. In 2015 I built up a solid stable of online courses and stopped doing private work. And now that all the content is there and getting positive reviews, it’s time to get it out to more people.

I encourage you to pick your focus for 2016.

Look at where you are now in your business, and where you want to go over the next 12 months, and pick a focus that will move you in that direction.

  1. Do you just want to fill your business with private coaching or consulting clients? Then pick one main marketing activity that will get you out in front of the most prospects and give you the opportunity to make offers for free consultations. Speaking, teleseminars, and webinars are great ways to do this.
  2. Do you want to build your online following? Decide how (e.g. grow your email list, social media followers, YouTube subscribers) and then focus on creating and/or sharing valuable content and doing marketing activities that are designed to attract followers or subscribers.
  3. Do you want to add a digital component to your traditional coaching or consulting business? Then do research, take courses, or whatever you need to do to decide what type of digital business or offerings you’d like to have, and take the steps this year to learn how and start building it.

Those are just three examples, but you get the idea.

Decide what you want. Decide what road you want to take to get there. And then jump on that highway and start driving. And, avoid taking every exit you pass just because it looks interesting! Stay focused and you’ll accomplish a lot more in 2016 than if you take the scenic route. 🙂

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Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. She now teaches marketing and helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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