How Important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Coaches & Consultants?

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 119

How Important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Coaches & Consultants?

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If you’re an independent coach or consultant and you have a website, how important is it for you to invest in optimizing your website? Is search engine optimization (SEO) the best way to be found online and attract new clients? I’ve been in business online as an independent coach/consultant for over 10 years. I’ve built three, successful, six-figure online businesses and I’ve never hired an SEO specialist to optimize any of my sites. That’s not saying I couldn’t have done better if I had. There’s no way to know. But I’ve done just fine on my own. It’s also not saying you shouldn’t invest in SEO. In fact, it may be the right path for you.

In this episode I share my perspective on search engine optimization for coaches and consultants so you can decide if this is a marketing strategy you’d like to include in your marketing plan.

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