How to Brand Yourself Properly: Step Three [Video]

In this third video in my series on how to brand yourself properly, I share what I call “common branding etiquette.” With so many people starting their own business these days, it’s important to make sure you don’t step on someone else’s branding toes, and to respond in a fair manner if you inadvertently do.

You can learn ALL the steps to take to brand yourself properly in my How to Brand Yourself and Your Business video training course. The course is designed to help coaches, consultants, and other service professionals who make a living selling their expertise or serving clients with their expertise, BRAND themselves so they stand out, get attention, get known, and get clients.


About Debbie

After spending 32 years in marketing, Debbie now spends her time blogging, teaching online courses, doing volunteer pet therapy, and encouraging others to follow a more inspired path through life.

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