How to Create an Inspired Business [Video]

I’m in awe of what transpires when you Work Inspired.

I shot my entire Inspired Business online course in just 3-1/2 hours, faster and with more flow than any of my other 10 courses. And, I finished all my video editing and post production in a week! I’m so proud of this course. There’s still a lot of prep work to do before launching but I’m super excited to share it when everything is done and it’s ready to go.

You can watch the video a sneak peek.

In this course you’ll learn:

    • What an Inspired Business is (and what it is not)
    • What the Circle of Inspired Business is and how to use it as your roadmap
    • 7 simple steps you can begin taking today to turn your existing business into an Inspired Business, or to create a brand new business
    • What an Inspiration Instigator is, and how to identify yours
    • The role Vision and Planning play in building an Inspired Business (and where they depart from the business school model)
    • The one key thing you MUST do that you’re probably not doing right now (it’s not hard but it will likely require some practice… it did for me)
    • Why this is the best way to find a business that aligns with your Passion
    • Why this is also the best way to Find Your Purpose (or as I prefer to say, have your Purpose find you)
    • Why Profit should not be your first priority (even though it is critically important)
    • The difference between Inspired Marketing and Traditional Marketing and why this world needs more inspired marketers
    • What to do when inspiration fades, and how to get it back
    • How to know when it’s time to let go of a business and move on to something new (and how to figure out what that something new is)
    • How to measure success in a way that’s more meaningful, and sustainable long term, than just how much money you’re making
    • How to ensure you’ll be happy and profitable in your business for as long as you want

You can get all the course details and enroll here.

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