Do you long to live an ExtraOrdinary Life?

Do you want to make the world, or at least your part of it, a better place?

Do you have a desire to do things that make a difference for others?

Do you want to make a bigger impact?

Do you feel something inside calling you to step up, be more, or do more?

But maybe you feel like a pretty ordinary person.

You may wonder if you even have what it takes to live an extraordinary life. Perhaps you believe, or have been taught or told, that living an extraordinary life is reserved for the exceptionally talented, rich, or famous.

And, that maybe one day, you too will make the cut, and life will become extraordinary. But you’re tired of waiting for that day to arrive. You believe in your heart that you can make a difference. And you just want to figure out how.

If that’s you, please consider this course an invitation.


Living an ExtraOrdinary Life is not reserved only for the uber-talented, rich, or famous.

It’s available to ANYONE. If you have the desire, you can live an ExtraOrdinary life.

I’ve joined together with Kevin Monroe, the founder of the This ExtraOrdinary Life global online community, to create this course. Kevin’s online community has more than 1000 members in more than 50 countries, who for two years have been collectively investigating, sharing, and discussing what makes a life ExtraOrdinary.

In this course, we’re going to share what he’s learned.

  • We’ll clarify the difference between exceptional and extraordinary—and there is a big difference!
  • We’ll share 19 ExtraOrdinary Life Qualities, why they make life ExtraOrdinary, and how you can incorporate them into your life (and no, you don’t have to do all 19 to live an extraordinary life!)
  • We’ll share what ExtraOrdinary Work and Business look like and why our world so desperately needs more ExtraOrdinary leaders, and employees.
  • We’ll share what it takes to have ExtraOrdinary Relationships, and simple ways you can create them.
  • We’ll share the benefits of living an ExtraOrdinary life and why even though it does take some effort, the rewards are totally worth it.

And lastly, we’ll help you create your very own ExtraOrdinary Life Plan to help you step into Your ExtraOrdinary life in the areas of work, relationships, and self care (don’t worry, it’s a simple exercise we hope will help you focus attention on your intentions so you can easily step into living your ExtraOrdinary Life).

“Kevin Monroe, host of the This ExtraOrdinary Life online community, and my co-host for this course, is a wealth of information, inspiring stories, poignant quotes, wisdom, and powerful ideas. He brings this topic to life and shares specific examples of how to apply every single ExtraOrdinary Life Quality we cover in the course. I was inspired and motivated to live bigger and better through the conversations we had creating this course, and I know you will be, too!” 

~Debbie LaChusa, course creator

If you’d like to create an ExtraOrdinary life, and make a difference that can indeed change the world, we invite you to join us in this course.

Because Kevin and I believe that everyone has what it takes to live an ExtraOrdinary life, and we’d love to help you step into yours!

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