How to Stop Charging For Your Time

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 145

How can you stop charging for your time, and instead charge for the value you deliver to your clients, if you’re an independent consultant?

In my experience most independent coaches and consultants charge their clients by the hour or some other term. In essence they are charging for their time.

trading time for money

However, that is not the best way to get paid and it’s a lot harder to sell your services that way.

Clients don’t really want to pay you for your time. They want to pay you to help them get something they want, that they can’t get on their own.

Charging for your time also enables clients to compare you to other coaches or consultants based on an hourly rate.

And that’s not how you want to be compared!

You want clients to hire you for the difference you’re going to make in their life or their business. You want them to pay you to solve a problem.

It’s easier to sell clients a solution than your time, and they generally will pay you more as well.

If you’re still charging by the hour, month, or some other term, and you’re not sure how to start charging for the value you deliver, in this video I share some tips to help you make that transition.

I’ve been in business for 18 years and I’ve charged for the outcome I deliver when working with corporations, non-profit organizations, and solo-professionals. So whenever an independent coach or consultant tells me they can’t set up their business that way, I know that’s not true.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast for my full response to this question.

If you want to learn how to package your services into and outcome-based program you can sell, I encourage you to check out my course, How to Design a Signature Coaching or Consulting Program.
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